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Sostenuto software helps service performance improvements with target resolution times increasing from 80% to almost 100% in one year

Managed service provider Centrinet and service management software supplier Sunrise today announced how Centrinet has managed to improve its service to customers using software package Sostenuto. After a drive for service improvement which began in 2008, Centrinet is now able to announce that its audited performance on target resolution times (TRT) has risen from 80% to almost 100%.

With customers ranging from global managed service providers to IT companies and government agencies, Centrinet is committed to providing the highest performance levels possible to its customers and continually looks to adopt the latest technology as it strives to surpass expectations. Centrinet’s service delivery manager Carl Ashcroft attributes this latest performance improvement to a range of measures, including:

  • An in-depth review of processes involved in the resolution of faults as well as scheduled work
  • The implementation of scheduled rules within Sostenuto to ensure continuous customer information
  • The creation of rules and filters to better manage team workload according to skills
  • Improved visibility of service performance by management thanks to reports and dashboard functionality

Improved transparency achieved through using Sostenuto has also favourably served Centrinet’s multi-channel model. Thanks to the system’s flexibility, the support centre has been able to hold and manage information on a multitude of complex service contracts, which had always proved a challenge in the past.

“The vast majority of staff have been blown away by Sostenuto,” said Ashcroft. “It allows significant amounts of routine work to be automated, leaving us to focus on the real faults and the real issues. This move towards automation has increased our productivity and our workload is now very much under control.”

Centrinet MD Kelly Smith warned about the challenges involved in selecting a service management solution that was appropriate for the requirements of managing complex service contracts: “Like many MSPs, we turned to the ‘ITSM’ space to find a solution for our business. There is an abundance of products which have been designed for internal service applications, and are marketed as flexible enough to meet requirements like ours. It’s only when we put them to the test ourselves that we realised that in reality, they only scratched the surface. The only software platform that fit the bill, even after we tried to develop our own in-house system, was Sostenuto.”

About Centrinet

Centrinet Ltd was incorporated in 1999, based on the successful partnership of its two Directors – Kelly Smith, MD and Chris Brown, Technical Director.

Centrinet has achieved its present status by offering innovative and flexible solutions developed and delivered with flair and a refreshing approach to problem solving to create value for its clients. The flagship service now offered by the company covers full management of networking infrastructures with proactive responses, incident management and third party contract management.

Solutions developed include:

  • Network Data and Voice management.
  • Multi-tenant management
  • Data Centre/Computer Room monitoring
  • Managed Hosting

Centrinet now supports over 40,000 organisations in a global operation backed by its 24 x 365 fully staffed support centre based in Lincoln.

For further information, please visit www.centri.net

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