Cognito steps up service management for mobile workforces

September 14, 2010
Written by anjalimittal

News Release

Mobile Workforce Management expert Cognito has announced major performance improvements since implementing Sunrise Software’s service management software Sostenuto.

Cognito solutions enable market-leading organisations to deliver consistently superior service at a lower cost. Their SaaS-based Service Delivery Platform integrates productive handheld applications with intelligent workflow, scheduling, tracking, parts management and reporting capabilities allowing their customers to concentrate on running their business and serving their customers.

The systems provided by Cognito are business critical, with any outage immediately leading to potential lost revenue.

Support Centre Manager Steve Crawford is responsible for the team that supports Cognito’s 20,000 mobile subscribers. He led the project to select and implement Sostenuto a year ago.

“We liked the look and functionality of the software,” explained Steve, “but even from the sales presentation we had from Sunrise, it was clear that their priority was to understand the customer’s needs rather than adopt a ‘one size fits all’ approach.”

“The implementation went remarkably smoothly,” he continued. “As a platform Sostenuto achieves an ideal balance, developed recently but mature enough to provide the stability we need.”

“The two areas in which Sostenuto has really impressed us have been visibility, internally and externally, and flexibility,” added Steve. “It’s when the pressure is on that Sostenuto really comes into its own. On the phone with a new customer, and when there is a need to make a change swiftly, or add a new field, being able to make the change straight away allows us to deliver efficient customer service.”

“In Sostenuto, we can invariably find ways to forward on changes which previously would have taken days of work. It always enables us to find solutions for our business requirements.

“Sostenuto has certainly made it easier to impress our customers,” said Stephen. “The increased visibility has been very well received, with rules enabling us to automatically send out change status emails and weekly reports. Customers feel that Cognito has a better handle on the job because we keep communicating with them at every stage.”

“In our business, the support we provide is a vital part of our commercial proposition. The standard of our service since we’ve been using Sostenuto has created a real USP for us.”

“Our job is to equip businesses so they can have full visibility and control of all of their mobile activity,” he added. “We empower them to cope with increasingly demanding customers and legislation, and Sostenuto provides us with the perfect platform for continuous improvement.”