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News Release

Computer Weekly reviews how Sostenuto not only meets but goes beyond ITIL guidelines.

Look beyond the ITIL starting point

By Steve Broadhead, Tuesday 25 September 2007

A key change to ITIL under version 3 has been a focus on the alignment of IT and the business and on the management of IT throughout the complete lifecycle. Even where an IT service management product appears to satisfy what requirements ITIL can recommend, there is still the issue of how that product works in practice as regards interaction and integration with different modules, performance and, not least, flexibility.

The ITIL guidelines preach the gospel of “best practice”, but what about “better practice” instead? In other words, rather than simply producing software that meets the ITIL requirements, why not go beyond these and offer additional features and functionality that are of real use to the helpdesk and network management communities?

Sostenuto, from Sunrise Software in the UK, provides a secure A-Z lifecycle for any task or service request, with a series of operations impacting upon that service request/task which may or may not change the state at any point during that lifecycle.

Underlying business rules control what actually happens at each point along the way, the workflow dictating just what the user actually sees and does (managing their input and what screens they see and use) while the underlying elements remain largely transparent to them. In other words, it might be complicated below the surface, but above from the user’s perspective it is all about simply driving a browser-based interface.

Flexibility is the key here; for example, the business rules engine allows anything to be mapped to anything else. This is IT service management software going way beyond the basics that ITIL dictates should be there, something not lost on users

Adoption of ITIL and software

Landesbank Baden-Wrttemberg (LBBW) is representative of the banking sector in terms of its approach to ITIL and priorities for choosing software to manage its IT processes. LBBW has implemented Sostenuto as a tool to automate ITIL and improve its service. The software provides the bank with the functionality it needs to provide a visible change management process to satisfy audit requirements. With the heavily regulated environment LBBW operates in, making the audit process as smooth as possible is a high business priority, and ITIL supports this agenda.

“As an organisation we are growing constantly and the reason Sostenuto works for us is that it can be continuously re-configured to accommodate our changing requirements without the need for recoding,” said James Clear, LBBW’s head of IT.

“It fits our business requirements, enhances our usability of change information and supports our audit responsibilities”.


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