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Sunrise ITSM software adapts to help IT teams in times of emergency.

Sunrise Software, a leading supplier of IT Service Management (ITSM) solutions, today announced that a Crisis Management module is now available for its flagship service management platform.

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, IT teams have been tasked, at short notice, with the unenviable task of enabling and supporting a raft of newly home-based workers and their equipment. Sunrise customers including North Wales Fire & Rescue Service have harnessed the adaptable ITSM platform to resolve their logistical issues brought about by the pandemic.

After analysing customers’ common requirements, Sunrise has now developed a Crisis Management service module for its Service Management platform. This overview of the interplaying factors of the Crisis allows an IT team to create and view the current status of all aspects at a glance, to manage tasks and issues to tight deadlines, to deliver against key tasks, and to keep control of the situation. Sunrise Crisis Management adds a planning and reporting perspective to the ‘work from home’ directive, assisting IT teams and their management with both day to day and wider tasks. Common service desk functionality including logging, allocating and resolving incidents, as well as asset and risk management can be seen with their interdependencies under the Crisis dashboard.

Employees’ changed circumstances e.g. furlough, impact on assets and suppliers, knowledge, incidents and other tasks can all be linked to the Crisis, along with relevant announcements.

Key benefits include:

  • Improved understanding of Crisis interdependencies
  • Clearer visibility of current Crisis status and risks
  • Flexibility to accommodate fast evolving situation
  • Improved allocation of resources.

Geoff Rees, Director of Operations and Sales of Sunrise, comments: “IT has been cast to the forefront with little in way of rehearsal by the COVID-19 pandemic, adding an unforeseen perspective to common tasks of answering users’ technical questions and administering software access and passwords. All that has changed in our world’s way of working is in the hands of busy IT teams and at Sunrise we wanted to help our customers to cut through the tasks required so they can focus on the core role of enabling their colleagues.”

Read more and watch a demo video.

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