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Through the use of Sunrise Enterprise, Selby District Council IT services department has increased customer satisfaction levels to a staggering 99%.

  • IT services department enjoying 99% customer satisfaction rating
  • ¬†Department meeting Service Level Agreements for delivery
  • System is aiding customers and reducing calls to the desk


The IT services department at Selby District Council supports over 350 customers spread across 5 sites, working in environmental health, planning and housing services. Led by Rob Mackin, head of IT services, a team of 6 are responsible for a complete range of IT provision, including the helpdesk, desktop support, server management and the communications infrastructure.

In 2005, the department purchased Sunrise Enterprise and since then have improved internal processes and the level of service to customers to such an extent they now enjoy a 99% customer satisfaction rating.

Selection and Installation

Before Enterprise, the department were using a previous version of Sunrise but were keen to select a more advanced system to manage their calls from customers. It was important that the solution was also cost effective. As Rob explains:

“We were looking for a more advanced system to manage our calls from customers and Enterprise had the necessary tools, including support for internet and intranet access. Bearing in mind our good relationship with Sunrise, and the way things had been working already, we were very happy to migrate.

Once Rob had decided that the product met with the needs of Selby, it was time to implement Enterprise and this brought about a degree of nervousness common with most organisations implementing a new product. However, Rob was pleased by how well it all went. Indeed, he has praise for the smooth running of the implementation project:

The consultancy offered during installation was excellent, as was the training post-implementation. Any resistance from our customers pre-installation was soon dispelled when they saw the new product.

Once the installation was completed, Rob booked training days at Sunrise to ensure that the team were comfortable with the product from the very start. This was a shrewd move and meant that Rob and his team were able to work uninterrupted right from installation, assisted by Enterprise to do the job it had been purchased for – namely to log all IT faults, change requests and other item such as quotes for new equipment.

Great strides made

According to Rob, the IT services department have made great strides since the installation and have a much better process in place to deal with the type and level of calls that they receive:

Enterprise has helped us to maintain a complete awareness and state of the calls we receive from our customers and note trends in the type of calls received. This enables us to highlight and deal with common problems, identify training requirements where necessary and provide hard facts to counteract any potential criticism of the service. We now have less repeat calls to the desk, helped by Internet Desk, and we are providing a much better service.

The current system also allows the team to importantly monitor their performance against targets and service level agreements, which was not the case before. Such an approach means that the team are constantly evolving to meet their targets and SLA’s rather than blindly attempting to do the best job. This proactive approach appears to have had a positive impact on how customers perceive the team, as Rob details:

We have a 99%-100% satisfaction rating from our customers, based on our customer satisfaction survey issued on the closedown of every call, which we are delighted with. We aim to maintain this high level of service by continuing to listen to our customers, even when they have bad things to say.

It is not surprising that the reputation of the IT services department has improved in the eyes of their customers bearing in mind the professional way that they operate. Above all else, the transition between different products, which can sometimes be very painful, was actually fairly painless. Rob is not slow to highlight the good relationship between Sunrise and Selby:

Sunrise has always been extremely helpful at every point of contact and we are well informed as to new developments. The consultants have often been able to show us new and different ways of working and integrating with other databases, for example our Audit database was incorporated during the last migration.

The Future

Well it certainly appears to be bright! Rob is very happy with the progress made recently at Selby District Council and with good reason but he is equally keen to move forward over the next few months and years, again supported by Enterprise:

We aim to continue to improve upon and provide the best service we can for our customers and act upon their comments where appropriate and possible. We intend to allow customers to log calls via our newly launched Intranet which Enterprise will support. We are also looking at automatically producing and emailing our customer satisfaction survey which would be really useful for performance management statistics.

Further Information

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