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Sunrise partners with Noel Bruton to launch new training brand for the service desk.

Chessington, 25 July 2005.

Sunrise, the leading IT Service Management solutions supplier, is pleased to announce the launch of its new training brand, Horizon. Created as the result of a partnership with Noel Bruton, the internationally renowned consultant and trainer on help desk and IT service management, Horizon aims to offer a radically new approach to IT Services training.

The training days have been designed to focus on the people and process aspects of IT Services with a strong emphasis on offering truly refreshing, challenging material and practical solutions which other training courses don’t.

Tom Weston, Chairman of Sunrise, commented: “Training is absolutely critical to running an effective service desk, but there is massive time pressure on service desk staff and managers, which is why our training days offer maximum value to attendees. We are absolutely delighted to be partnering with Noel Bruton. I can”t think of anyone whose enthusiasm is more contagious and I can guarantee that attendees will go away feeling refreshed and inspired. I feel very confident that Horizon contains all the ingredients to develop into a hugely successful training brand.

Indeed one of Horizon’s main selling points is the fact that the content is designed and delivered by Noel Bruton, a leading authority on IT service management, whose handbooks and conference appearances have inspired many IT Services professionals over the years. Added to this is the advantage of combining soft skills training with up to the minute thinking and practical advice about processes such as ITIL. So many courses focus on one or the other, but don’t present the whole picture.

Bruton commented, “The Horizon training project is very exciting for me. I’m really looking forward to working with Sunrise, a company that has repeatedly shown itself willing and able to innovate and broaden perspectives in the IT Services industry. Besides their obvious talent, Sunrise also has some of the nicest people in the business. I’m sure the ‘training day’ idea will be popular, dealing as it does with a given key management topic, in depth, in a single day, and we intend to expand the range of topics considerably for 2006.”

Asked whether this meant that Bruton had now aligned himself with a vendor product offering, he responded: “Horizon stands apart from Sunrise’s product side and offers training solutions on how to manage and run IT Services in terms of process, strategy and technique. This is separate from Sunrise’s software offerings and product-oriented training. My consultancy clients can be assured that where I advise on tools and systems, my advice will remain entirely objective.”

The training days will start on 04 October and will include topics such as; How to manage change on micro and macro scales, How to turn your support operation from reactive to proactive, How to motivate yourself, your staff and your peers, ITIL – the Basis of Decision and How to manage the helpdesk.

The list of topics is being expanded and a number of additional titles will be launched in the New Year.

For further information or to book onto a training day, visit www.sunrisesw.com/horizon, email training@sunrisesw.com or call training on 020 8391 900

About Horizon

Horizon is the result of a partnership between Sunrise, a leading independent provider of IT Service Management solutions and Noel Bruton, an international authority on ITSM.

About Sunrise Founded in 1994, Sunrise has a customer base of over 1,000 blue chip and public sector organizations. With an enviable track record of technology innovation, Sunrise is also widely acclaimed for the quality of its implementation and training services.

About Noel Bruton – An independent consultant and trainer who specialises in helping companies to achieve best practice in their IT Service Management and Helpdesk services, Noel Bruton is also the author of international management handbooks ‘How to Manage the Helpdesk’ and ‘Managing the IT Services Process’. He writes numerous press articles and regularly gives presentations at conferences around the world.

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