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INPS supports over 2,300 primary care sites with growing portfolio of healthcare systems supported by Sostenuto

Chessington, 25 July 2013 – UK-head-quartered Service Management company Sunrise Software today announced that INPS is using Sostenuto IT Service Management (ITSM) solution to power its 60-strong Customer Service Desk. Building on the success of its original Sostenuto platform, INPS has invested further in Sunrise Software technology to manage a complex and growing range of clinical systems that support 2,300 client sites including Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs), Health Boards, GP surgeries and patients. INPS has taken advantage of Sostenuto’s ITIL®-verified Incident, Problem, Change and Configuration Management functionality to introduce a common set of processes, improve response times and communicate more effectively with customers in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

INPS has a range of offerings that provide clinical systems for single practices, IT solutions to help clinicians make more informed diagnosis and treatment decisions by sharing patient records securely between accredited clinicians and online services allowing patients to book their GP and nurse appointments and request repeat medication via the internet.

Phil Stickland, Head of Service Delivery of INPS said, “We’ve been a customer of Sunrise for many years and have built up an excellent relationship with them. Sostenuto provides the ITIL®-verified functionality we needed to tighten up our processes, deliver demonstrable service improvements and communicate more effectively with our customers.”

INPS has deployed Sostenuto ITSM for its main Service Desk at the headquarters building in Battersea, London and links to a new Service Desk in Dundee, Scotland to support patients across the UK with a broader, increasingly online, range of services and provide business continuity to clinicians working at GP surgeries and the wider healthcare environment.

Sostenuto allows INPS to manage and resolve a far larger number of incidents quickly and accurately. All issues coming into the Service Desk are logged and automatically escalated to staff with the right set of skills to investigate them properly. Similarly, Trusts offering their own first-line support can escalate any issues they cannot resolve themselves to INPS. When combined with Sostenuto’s advanced reporting capabilities that spot trends and identify recurring issues, INPS has a powerful tool that helps the company give prompt attention to problems and ensure the fastest possible resolution times.

Seamless integration between Sostenuto and INPS’ own event management tools means INPS often detects issues before customers do, for example, it helps to ensure consistent synchronisation of data between GP surgeries, Vision and information shared with Out-of-Hours providers. With a clear view of all incidents, INPS can quickly address and even resolve incidents remotely before they negatively impact the service delivered to customers.

Since stepping up its investment in Sostenuto, INPS has noticed a series of significant benefits including increased visibility of issues and better communication with customers. Response times are faster and INPS can now meet multiple Service Level Agreements (SLAs). The high configurability of Sostenuto has enabled INPS to design everything in-house from screens and workflows to fine-tuning its processes. Being self-sufficient from a development perspective has saved the organisation significant amounts of time and money that would otherwise be spent on expensive consultancy days.

Geoff Rees, Sales Director of Sunrise Software, concluded: “The availability of cloud and browser-based applications are changing people’s expectations about responses and availability. Organisations such as INPS need a partner who understands the critical nature of their clinical environment and has the power to deliver tangible savings and efficiencies. Our customer service solutions provide round-the-clock support and release valuable data that helps INPS take informed decisions, tackle priority areas and deliver timely resources to where they matter the most. We look forward to supporting them with a best-practice technology framework that supports their continuous improvement programme.”

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About INPS

INPS develops, deploys and supports Vision, a flexible suite of clinical software solutions that are used extensively within primary care settings and the wider healthcare environment throughout the UK. Vision is the established clinical system for general practice that also helps clinicians make more informed diagnosis and treatment decisions by sharing patient records securely between accredited clinicians. It also allows patients to book their GP and nurse appointments and request repeat medication via the Internet.

INPS is a CEGEDIM company; a global organisation operating across 80 countries, specialising in CRM systems, strategic data, and technologies and services for the healthcare sector.

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