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Sunrise Software, one of the UK’s leading IT Service Management enterprise software vendors, has announced details of Sostenuto ITSM 2.0, its next-generation IT service management tool.

  • Chameleon allows users and mobile workers to work with the core support platform from any location
  • True integration means that updates are reflected in every area of the system that is affected
  • Implement ITIL processes out of the box, and adjust or reject the processes that do not fit your business requirements
  • Improved attachment handling means that relevant details stay with each case or project

Chessington, UK – April 22nd, 2005: Sunrise Software, one of the UK’s leading IT Service Management enterprise software vendors, has announced details of Sostenuto ITSM 2.0, its next-generation IT service management tool.

A raft of new features and enhancements based on improved accessibility and usability will enable Sunrise to maintain the market-leading reputation it has garnered since the launch of Sostenuto ITSM, the industry”s first major web-based IT service management platform.


Accessibility, traditionally a very strong selling point for Sostenuto because it can be accessed and deployed with a standard web browser, has been enhanced further with the improvements to Chameleon, Sostenuto’s portal module.

This HTML interface gives the mobile workforce access through a hand-held device to the core Sostenuto system, enabling them to interact with the system in the same manner as static support staff.

“Members of the IT service desk team can interrogate Sostenuto in real time, recalling information on service requests, IT assets and job status without waiting for manual synchronisation,” said Tom Weston, chairman of Sunrise.

“Chameleon can also be used as a self-service access point for customers, suppliers or contractors. Every user interface can be configured to view different information depending on security considerations and personal requirements.”

“An analogy that springs to mind would be today’s online banking applications – extremely sophisticated at the back end, but customers only see a very simple portal that clearly displays the information and commands that they need, in a format that they are familiar with,” said Weston.

By allowing users and partners to access the same knowledge base that support staff use, support calls can be cut and customer satisfaction – especially outside of office hours – can improve greatly.

The appearance of Chameleon’s interface can easily be customised allowing it to blend seamlessly into a corporate website.

Integration with Chameleon is simple because it is built as a web service, as is the whole of the Sostenuto environment. This means that customers are able to add their own or third party products and services into the IT services mix without the need for complex integration.


IT functions which should be connected but are often left to operate independently of each other are linked together thanks to the comprehensive integration capabilities of Sostenuto 2.0.

This allows end-to-end management of key processes such as procurement and asset and contract management, which is highly complicated to achieve with a traditional service management product.

“Procurement and asset details are often kept on databases not connected to the central service management system. When new products are added, or changes made to an asset, these should have a knock-on effect, updating lots of other functions,” said Neil Penny, Product Marketing Manager for Sunrise Software. “For example, if a change is made to a server, this may impact outstanding problems and incidents. This level of disconnect makes end-to-end IT services planning and visibility almost impossible to realise.”

“With Sostenuto ITSM, every time you make a change within the system, any associated function is updated accordingly. This level of integration enables you to practice true impact assessment because the person, the item and the department are all updated and managed from a single point,” said Penny.

Improvements to attachment handling mean that Sostenuto 2.0 links documents to the relevant case and displays them to the user whether they are using Sostenuto, Chameleon or Sostenuto Mail Processor. By centralising all documents relating to an incident, support managers can again ensure that visibility of issues and the completeness of the records relating to each function are kept intact


Sostenuto ITSM 2.0 improves compatibility with ITIL (IT Infrastructure Library) by adding the processes as recommended by the guidelines as an out-of-the-box function. But because ITIL by its definition must be tailored to each individual installation, Sostenuto ITSM 2.0 allows you to choose which processes you want, reject the ones that do not fit your business requirements and adjust the processes to fit into your environment.

Because Sostenuto ITSM 2.0 allows you to configure and amend processes using a drag and drop interface, your focus can be on ITIL and what works for your business, rather than on trying to make your processes fit the design of a product.

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