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Chessington, UK March 21, 2005: Sunrise Software, a leading UK provider of ITIL compatible IT Service Management tools is to launch a new mobile platform for its flagship product, Sostenuto, at the upcoming Helpdesk and IT Support Show.

Results of a recent survey of Sunrise customers have confirmed that Sunrise has again taken the right path on product development with the extension of the Sostenuto ITSM product to include mobile device capabilities.

The survey also highlights the growing use of networked mobile devices and the acknowledgement of IT Departments of the benefits such devices can have on their business. While many customer already have mobile devices networked, results showed that usage of networked mobile devices will continue to grow over the coming year.

Making the Connection

Nearly sixty percent of respondents have Blackberrys or similar products attached to their network while just under half have PDA or handheld computers attached. A few companies also have mobile phones networked. These devices are generally attached via a wireless network (42 per cent) or remote internet connection (33 per cent).

The majority of Sunrise customers, (58 per cent) have at least 20 mobile devices attached to their network, with almost one in five respondents having more than 100 mobile devices connected to the network.

Of those customers who do not currently have mobile devices connected to their network, two-thirds plan to have such devices connected within a year.

Improving Time and Customer Management

Respondents cited the main business benefit being anytime access to information, with 75 per cent rating its importance as very high.

Proving that IT departments are focused on providing tools for improved customer services, 25 per cent rated this benefit of mobile devices as very high and 33 per cent as high in importance. Also rating highly was more efficient management of time (42 per cent of respondents rated this as high or very high)

Less important to the respondents was the cost reduction for the dispersed workforce, with 50 per cent rating this benefit as average in its importance.

Security a Concern

But while IT departments can see the benefits they still have security concerns in the use of mobile devices.

Theft was seen as the greatest security issue, with 75 per cent of respondents rating it as high or very high.

Also rating highly was concern over the robustness of the devices and the applications that run on them. More than half of respondents cited this issue as high or very high on their agenda. General security was also a concern, with half of the respondents rating it as high.

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