New kid on the blog - Owen Powell guest blogger for Sunrise

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Owen Powell teams up with Sunrise Software for new Guest Blog

Sunrise Software has teamed up with Arts Council IT Director Owen Powell to launch a new blog aimed at those who work in IT. The ‘IT Insider’ will aim to provide IT professionals, from team members up to CIO level, with a platform to share observations, ideas, frustrations and solutions relating to the profession.

Owen himself has worked in IT for over 20 years, in both technical and senior management roles, where he has been involved in a number of major service re-designs. He is particularly interested in the way that IT is perceived by organisations, and what it can do to influence this in a positive way.

“There are some topics I feel very strongly about, and I think this will come across in the blog,” says Owen. “Don’t get me wrong though, my intention is not to create a zone for IT people to feel sorry for themselves. IT has already come a long way and is poised for a great future, driving change in organisations. My aim is to help promote the role of IT, and IT professionals.”

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