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Extended Service Desk provides ROI and business benefits where monolithic Customer Relationship Management systems largely failed

Chessington, 18th January 2014 – UK-headquartered Service Management company Sunrise Software has today published a paper detailing how taking a platform approach to customer service can deliver the benefits previously promised by CRM systems. In the paper, drafted by Neil Penny, Product Director at Sunrise Software, he explains how using one system to manage all manner of operational and support processes can provide a myriad of business benefits. The paper includes references to several award-winning Sunrise customers that have achieved major business growth by taking the platform approach.

Neil Penny comments; “Many organisations are now on their second or third generation of service management software and are looking to see what added value they can derive. Modern Service Desk platforms are capable of managing all manner of operational and support processes and it is a natural progression to roll out the system across departments. We are seeing a marked increase in the demand for this type of requirement reflected in the ITTs and RFPs we receive.”

The benefits of taking the platform approach are many and vary depending on the type of organisation, as discussed in the paper. However, there are several common themes, these include:

Economies of scale – one system means one license, one set of support infrastructure and just one system to learn for IT and users alike

Ease of management and support – as well as being easier to support there are fewer integration issues

Single version of the truth – data integrity is maintained as information is held once only

Visibility – subject to security controls and permissions, data can be viewed organisation-wide, rather than residing in numerous silos where it is difficult to access

Traceability – information stored in spreadsheets and circulated via email is often impossible to demonstrate provenance. Tracking the same data and process within a single platform ensures an audited history

Comprehensive reporting – organisation-wide reporting supports better more informed business decisions

Real-time displays – consolidated views of dashboards/wallboards can be supplied across the business

Consistency and efficiency – operations are streamlined, processes standardised, and the elimination of duplicate handling of data saves considerable time

Collaboration – staff are trained on the same system enabling closer collaboration between departments and operational units.

Neil concludes: “Where monolithic Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems largely failed, taking a platform approach to customer service delivers all of the benefits promised by CRM in a more manageable and cost effective package. For organisations looking to update their Service Desk or IT/Business Operations software, taking the platform approach where the system is rolled out across multiple departments makes a very compelling business case.

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