The real business case for gamification is increased producivity

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Motivating staff is key to attracting and retaining the ‘Facebook generation’

Chessington, 10 December 2013 – UK-headquartered Service Management company Sunrise Software has published an article putting the business case for Gamification. Sometimes seen as overhyped technology, Neil Penny, Product Director at Sunrise argues that gamified processes could be a key factor in motivating and retaining staff in complex environments like Service Desks and Call Centres. With the productivity difference between the best workers and those that are least motivated being reported as high as 90%, engaging staff has a huge impact on whether organisations prosper.

Penny explains; “Many workers start their careers in a Service Desk, Customer Support Desk or Call Centre, making these ideal places to harness gamification. Not only does the more modern style of working appeal to younger staff, but also helps to keep staff motivated and therefore more productive.”

In the article Penny lists the top six business benefits that organisations can expect from Gamification:

Cost Effective – points, leaderboards and recognition amongst peers cost a lot less than expensive incentives, and are more effective at increasing productivity.

Continual Employee Engagement – staff can compete within teams, against each other or with themselves, aiming to beat their colleagues and peers. New games, goals, and quests can be devised to keep things interesting.

Improves Knowledge – with clever design, gamification can encourage staff to read more, skill-up, and help to train themselves. At a very basic level, processes for entry level staff can be scripted, making it quicker to get new staff up and running.

Business Goals – gamification can help ensure that everyone is working towards corporate goals. By engaging with their staff, organisations are far more likely to achieve their stated business goals.

Location Inclusive – employees can be based in any location and still take part, helping the team building process.

Motivating and Retaining Staff – improved recognition helps to motivate and retain staff as they feel more appreciated.

Penny concludes; “In a business world where many organisations are looking to do more with less, staff productivity is crucial. Anything that increases motivation and reduces employee turnover will improve productivity, leading to the twin benefits of raising customer service and cutting the cost of recruitment. While it may sound like the latest overhyped technology, time will show that Gamification actually has a lot to offer.

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