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Leading corporate travel agent relies on Sunrise to streamline processes and IT support mission-critical business environment where 100% IT uptime is essential

Chessington, 17 December 2013 – UK-head-quartered service management company Sunrise Software has supplied its flagship Service Desk solution, Sostenuto, to leading corporate travel agent Reed & Mackay. The company has implemented Sostenuto to consolidate systems and introduce a consistent set of processes across the company’s dual Service Desk environment. Since implementing the solution, Reed & Mackay has boosted productivity, enhanced IT user satisfaction and created a measurable framework that demonstrably supports its corporate Quality and Continuous Improvement programme.

To maintain its competitive edge in the fast-moving travel industry where agility is critical, Reed & Mackay turned to Sunrise Software to provide a new, more efficient system to manage its two independent help desks. The ability to process emails automatically, store information centrally, report on data accurately and integrate closely with other business systems such as Active Directory were key prerequisites for Reed & Mackay.

After carefully evaluating the marketplace, Reed & Mackay selected Sunrise Software primarily for its flexibility and the high level of customisation provided by the Sostenuto ITSM solution.

Marilyn Dunk, Head of Reed & Mackay Online commented, “Sostenuto stood out from the crowd in terms of flexibility and configurability. We could tailor the screens ourselves, making it even easier to use, which was vital for encouraging everyone in the IT department to share the same system and adopt new ways of working. As an added bonus, close integration with Active Directory and the ability to link all incidents, problems and changes guaranteed our systems were fully up-to-date at all times. In short, Sunrise Software was the perfect partner to help us create a brand new Service Desk environment worthy of a dynamic, growing business.”

Reed & Mackay is taking advantage of Sunrise’s unique gamification functionality to promote healthy competition among team members that ultimately improves IT service delivery. Using ‘My Sostenuto’ wallboards, IT analysts can see at a glance how many incidents are being processed and who has closed the most incidents on a daily basis. Dunk believes this makes the team “more aware of their performance”, keeping them focused on the end goal.

Looking to the future, Reed & Mackay aims to expand the Sostenuto implementation. It is considering introducing Self-Service and looks forward to Sunrise Software’s new gamification features early next year.

Geoff Rees, Sales Director at Sunrise Software said; “Being able to integrate the Service Desk with other key business applications is a powerful way for the IT department to align its services to the business. In an industry where fast turnaround is critical, we provide innovative organisations like Reed & Mackay tried and tested technology that boosts productivity, enhances user satisfaction and gives them the hard evidence they need to demonstrate the strategic value that IT can bring to the business.”

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About Reed & Mackay

Reed & Mackay is a leading corporate travel management company specialising in the legal, insurance, financial and oil and gas sectors. Headquartered in London, the company was founded in 1962 as a City-based travel agency. Since that time, it has grown internationally to become one of the most trusted and respected companies in the strategic business travel management market, offering high end, bespoke travel services to businesses and private clients.

Committed to continuous improvement and certified to the latest ISO standards, Reed & Mackay offers consistently high value and service despite world events such as 9/11, SARS and the more recent credit crunch.

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