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Central and NW London Mental NHS trust IT department is successfully supporting 3500 users across over 100 NHS sites.

Chessington, UK – 9 May, 2006

  • Reliability key to supporting 3500 users across 100+ sites
  • Remote access to calls critical for support engineers
  • Reporting function being utilised to move the department forward


Sheridan Pratt, IT Support Service Manager, is responsible for a team of 14 staff based on-site and remote, supporting 3500 NHS users across 100-plus sites. The IT support service team consists of support engineers, install engineers and helpdesk staff who between them take user calls, diagnose issues and attend to all things IT hardware and software related on the NHS sites, which are located across Central and North West London.

The Project

One of the main issues with the project was finding a product that was reliable and that could offer suitable support to the remote engineers that travel around the NHS sites in London to carry out the fixes and work. Enterprise fitted the bill perfectly as a solution that offers reliable call logging and asset management for the helpdesk staff plus remote access for engineers via Web Client so that engineers can pick up urgent calls whilst on the road, update the system from wherever they are and save a lot of time and effort. Sheridan outlines how this approach works:

“The engineers log onto Enterprise via the Web Client when they are on-site to pick up any new calls or urgent calls that have come in while they’ve been out. This saves the helpdesk staff having to chase after the engineers and means we have current updates for users when they call to chase their calls.”

As well as saving time and maximising efficiencies, it is absolutely vital for Sheridan that the product is reliable due to the busy nature of the department. The very fact that the department supports over 3500 users means that breakdowns or glitches just aren’t acceptable:

“Because we support over 3500 users we get a high number of calls, some urgent, so it is imperative that Enterprise is reliable. If the system is down or not operating correctly then our support to users will suffer and customer satisfaction will be adversely affected as a result. These are two things we can really do without!”

The Benefits

The team are now able to record all work that is carried out, which was not the case beforehand. This provides visibility on two levels, firstly at an organisational level to Sheridan and to the business of what the department is actually doing, and secondly, visibility to Sheridan and her immediate team helping them to become more efficient:

“We are able to identify patterns and trends across the board. If it is repeat callers lacking necessary skills then we can advise their manager if the individual(s) concerned need/s training, if particular models or items are breaking down then we can use this information when speaking to suppliers. The stats via Enterprise mean that nothing should go unnoticed.”

It would seem that the improvements made at CNWL Mental Health NHS trust have not gone unnoticed by the users. Indeed, customer satisfaction surveys carried out by the department post-implementation suggested that the department is much better perceived now than before Enterprise was installed.

Sheridan explains how the support received from Sunrise has helped this customer perception flourish:

“The good thing is that the reliability of Enterprise means that we hardly ever have to contact Sunrise. However, when we have, the Sunrise support has been very stable. When an upgrade or some fundamental work has been carried out, Sunrise have been on site promptly and the consultants have been very knowledgeable and helpful. We always seem to get a fix and problems don’t disappear off into the ether never to be seen again.”

The Future

Sheridan is keen to not rest on her laurels and hopes to continue to improve the level of service that the department brings to their users. Indeed, there are imminent plans to improve matters with Enterprise via the implementation of SLA’s and via the improvement of reporting options for the department:

“We are just about to implement SLA’s, and Sunrise consultants will be here very soon to set up improved reporting for us. These kind of moves are really important for us as it can be easy just to ‘fight-fire and get through one day at a time when you are as busy as we are. Thankfully, the improvements that we have made so far have shown us that planning and investment are well worth it and so we will continue in this vein.”

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