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Latest innovation, Sostenuto 4.0, harnesses the power of social media and the Internet in today’s business environment

Chessington, 24th January 2012 – UK-headquartered service management company Sunrise Software has today announced the launch of Sostenuto 4.0 The latest version of Sunrise Software’s flagship product is available immediately and supports Representational State Transfer (REST), a modern architectural framework for the design of so-called distributed hypermedia applications, the most prevalent and largest implementation being the World Wide Web or the Internet. The new Sostenuto RESTful integration framework promises to deliver tighter and more intelligent integration between the IT service desk and an organisation’s critical business processes, common Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) applications and financial systems. In addition, Sostenuto 4.0 links the company’s core service desk seamlessly to some of the world’s leading social media including Facebook, Twitter, Skype™ and Chatter.

The latest version of Sostenuto provides organisations with a range of new features that deliver tangible benefits. Highlights include faster time-to-value of the total IT service management infrastructure, a significantly enhanced user experience and a more flexible licensing model that accurately reflects an organisation’s unique service desk structure and specific requirements.

Geoff Rees, Sales Director of Sunrise Software, commented: “Today’s social media world represents a vital new sales channel for organisations everywhere and innovations in technology need to help businesses maximise the potential of this new environment. We believe our latest version of Sostenuto will encourage commercial creativity by providing a robust and flexible platform that connects the whole IT service management ecosystem and guarantees significantly enhanced service improvements across the board.”

Based on Sunrise Software’s years of experience in providing tools for the successful integration of in-house developed, off-the-shelf and bespoke systems, the latest version of Sostenuto provides organisations with a choice of enterprise integration techniques that encompass applications based on both traditional Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) and now REST architectures. By deploying Sostenuto 4.0 to connect the corporate IT service management infrastructure, IT directors can speed up their integration process, reduce the risk of errors and improve the interoperability of their entire IT estate through automated duplication of information across multiple systems and business units. The availability of real-time data supports faster and more accurate decision-making and the single platform lowers maintenance costs and provides a robust and scalable operation.

Sostenuto 4.0 features newly designed graphics, icons and colour schemes that enhance the overall user experience, enabling the IT department to select a user interface theme that suits their needs whilst retaining the original flexibility of the Sostenuto product. In addition, service desk professionals can create new fields that reference both Account and Group information, enabling multiple users who are working on the same project to secure easy access and greater visibility of data relating to the assignment in question.

With the launch of Sostenuto 4.0, Sunrise Software has introduced named licences to complement the company’s existing concurrent licensing model. Sunrise believes this latest move will ensure that service desk staff requiring guaranteed access to the Sostenuto platform will have a dedicated licence allocated to them from their existing pool of available licences. A combination of named and concurrent licences will also offer organisations greater flexibility to adopt a model that is tailored to the specific needs of their unique service desk structure.

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