Sunrise calls for R.E.A.L. holidays for IT

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Almost half of IT support workers are expected to deal with requests even when they’re on holiday.

Chessington, UK – 3 June, 2008. Almost half of IT support workers are expected to deal with requests even when they’re on holiday, according to research unveiled today. As a result Sunrise, which makes software for the support desk, is calling for employers to implement ‘R.E.A.L.’ (Rewarded with Extra Annual Leave) holidays for IT – a period of one week every year, additional to the standard holiday allocation.

The research questioned 121 IT support staff from across the UK. 47 per cent of respondents reported that they are expected to answer calls while on holiday. Over bank holidays, the figure is 20 per cent.

“We believe that the IT service desk is getting a raw deal when it comes to holiday allocation,” said Tom Weston, executive chairman at Sunrise. “If it’s essential that employees answer calls on holiday, they should be given another week of R.E.A.L. holiday, to make up for the time spent working while on leave.”

Additionally, 23 per cent of respondents said they don’t turn their BlackBerry or mobile phone off during holidays, rising to 40 per cent over bank holidays.

“The increased availability of mobile technology has brought many advantages to businesses, but relying on an IT manager using his BlackBerry on holiday to sort out technical problems isn’t one of them,” continued Weston.

“It’s imperative that employees can switch off and completely relax on annual leave – and remaining at the beck and call of senior executives doesn’t constitute relaxation. IT service desks should be organised enough to continue operating effectively when key members of staff are on holiday. That’s why we’re calling on employers to recognise there is a problem and award ‘R.E.A.L.’ in recognition of this.”

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