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Recent survey results show that Sunrise customers are extremely satisfied with the level of service offered to them.

Chessington 17th November 2005 Sunrise Enterprise customers have recently completed an in-depth survey that focused on areas such as the level of service from Sunrise and perceptions of Sunrise as a company. The results, based upon nearly 200 responses, highlight an extremely positive customer-supplier relationship.

In terms of service, the results are comprehensive with over 85% of customers stating that the level of service received from Sunrise is good. Breaking these results down we can see that 86% of customers rate Sunrise account management as positive, whilst 85% of customers rate Sunrise training and the Sunrise customer service desk as positive. In keeping with the high level of results, almost 80% of customers were happy with Sunrise consultancy.

The highest individual service score went to marketing communication as over 88% of customers favourably rated features such as the Sunrise website, customer newsletter, product information and customer pack.

Results on how customers view Sunrise as a company also stack up very favourably. Customer perceptions of Sunrise’s professionalism, innovation and market standing were all measured.

Over three quarters of respondents view Sunrise as genuinely customer focused, whilst 85% of customers rate Sunrise as a helpful organisation, slightly usurping the 84% of customers rating the company as a professional organisation. In terms of market perception, two-thirds of respondents answering yes or no rated Sunrise as market leaders whilst over three-quarters of respondents answering yes or no rated Sunrise as an innovative company.

Sunrise Chairman Tom Weston is delighted with the results:

“It is extremely pleasing to see such positive feedback from our customers and it is a testament to our staff that we can publish these results. We make it a priority to provide first class service across all of our departments and we will continue with this ethos.

For more information on Sunrise products and services, please call Tim Daniells on 020 8391 9000 or email for an information pack.

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