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Sunrise puts focus on usability with latest Sostenuto release

Chessington, 2 July 2009. Sunrise Software has today released Sostenuto version 3.1. This release puts the spotlight on usability. Its development specification was drawn up in keeping with Sunrise’s long term vision for the product and in response to customer feedback received.

Among the most notable innovations are extensive graphical representation and features designed to make the platform even more intuitive. A number of enhancements have been introduced to allow users an easier and more feature rich experience.

The emphasis on visual representation particularly enhances the user experience, with a graphical representation of the customer’s CMDB (Configuration Management Database) ensuring that ‘associations’ (e.g. items linked to contacts) are obvious at a glance. New graphical representation of lifecycles and workflows further improves the software’s configuration and administration.

Sunrise Chairman, Tom Weston commented: ‘The feedback we’ve gained from our customers is always a major factor when designing a new release. Thanks to our exceptionally talented development team we are able to offer our customers continuous innovation with Sostenuto.’

Weston’s comments were well timed, following Computer Weekly journalist Steve Broadhead’s review of the software on his blog: “I relished my latest voyage of discovery with Sunrise Software’s Sostenuto ITSM product. I say product, but really it’s a platform with an ITSM application sitting on top – in this guise at least. The reality is that companies can no longer deal in 5-10 year fixed business plans; 5-10 minutes is more like it.

Sostenuto ITSM lets you service-manage in a way that reflects your business model and methodology, rather than forcing you down the path the software developers created with their own vision of how everything from raising alerts to trouble ticketing happens.”

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