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Sunrise expands ITSM offering to include new product portfolio

Sunrise has announced that it has entered into a partnership with Certero, the UK based IT asset management company. As a result of the partnership, Sunrise will be in a position to offer its customers powerful and comprehensive asset management functionality to complement the company’s ITIL based IT service management software.

In addition to its main asset management, inventory, systems and configuration management suite, Certero’s range of products also includes a software metering solution and an energy optimisation suite to help organisations achieve environmental targets whilst making significant cost savings. The new portfolio has a proven track record of achieving significant ROI for its users.

Sunrise’s technical team carried out an extensive evaluation of IT asset management solutions on the market before deciding to adopt Certero as its chosen partner.

Sunrise Chairman Tom Weston commented: “We defined our criteria based on many years’ experience of our own customers’ requirements. In terms of functionality and ease of use, there was no doubt that Certero’s products were a cut above the rest. This, combined with the company’s attractive culture, which I would sum up as being approachable and highly professional, made Certero an obvious choice for Sunrise.”

AssetStudio™ will provide Sunrise customers with a powerful tool to control their IT estate more effectively, by helping them with both the standardisation of PC hardware and software compliance. Capable of being up and running within a day, this IT asset and systems management suite has the features of an enterprise product at an affordable price.

SoftwareMetering for Decision Makers™ can be used in conjunction with AssetStudio™ to help organisations identify unnecessary, unused or underutilised software and take appropriate action. Capable of generating significant savings on licensing costs, this tool comes with a powerful ROI track record.

PowerStudio™ also presents a strong ROI argument, as well as convincing environmental credentials. The enterprise energy optimisation suite allows organisations to prolong the life of their computer equipment, reduce their carbon footprint and potentially save thousands of pounds on electricity bills by managing computer power usage through centralised policies.

About Certero

Certero helps companies achieve the best value from their IT investment and eliminate wasted spend on IT business assets. With public and private sector experience, Certero is the only independent software vendor of IT asset management and power management solutions in the UK.

Partnering with many of the world’s leading names in IT, including Microsoft, VMware, Citrix and Sophos, Certero offers simple yet powerful solutions with high-end functionality at affordable prices.

For information, please visit www.certero.com

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