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350 leaders of IT reveal the realities of ITIL adoption in the UK with key practical pointers

Sunrise has just completed some major research among 350 leaders of IT, revealing the realities of ITIL adoption in the UK which have been published in a new report titled: ITIL maturity report

With the aim of producing a true picture of ITIL adoption in the second half of 2008, Sunrise has carried out a survey which gathered the views of 350 senior IT decision makers. The results outline some interesting facts with regard to organisations’ actual experience of implementing the framework.

  •  Levels of ITIL influence in various organisations
  • Reasons given by those who reject ITIL
  • ITIL training levels
  • ITIL 3 adoption
  • Use of external advice in ITIL implementations
  • Pitfalls and challenges
  • Costs
  • Timescales
  • Benefits

These statistics have been compiled into the ITIL maturity reportSunrise publishes ITIL maturity report

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