Sunrise to release new customer service software

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Sunrise to release new Customer Service software in June 2011

Sunrise Software has announced that it has designed an application specifically to help Customer Service teams to manage customer queries. The Customer Service Management (CSM) solution has been configured by Sunrise’s product team using the Sostenuto codeless workflow generator and was previewed at the Service Desk and IT Support Show on 19th and 20th April.

“Customer service departments have a strong requirement for software that underpins consistent query resolution processes,” commented Commercial Director Geoff Rees. “It’s not just a commercial imperative, their reputation is at stake as well. We were very conscious however that these departments are not run by IT people, and some of the terminology and multi-step processes involved in ITIL type implementations become unwieldy, even irrelevant, in a customer service environment. This is why we wanted Sostenuto CSM to be a real alternative for this particular segment of the market.”

Sostenuto CSM brings a number of benefits, including the ability for virtual customer service teams made up of people from different departments, and even third party companies, to access and update the same information. This will result in a consistent team approach to resolving customers’ queries or complaints.

Other benefits include ownership of queries throughout their life cycle, ensuring that they always get progressed to the next stage, intuitive query resolution, thanks to a resolution matching system, and automated customer notifications, which keep customers informed at every stage.

The software comes with an inbuilt contract management tool, as well as a comprehensive, intuitive reporting suite, allowing companies to take all the measures they need to secure their customers’ revenues for the long term.

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