Sostenuto 1.4 Version Released by Sunrise Software

Sostenuto 1.4, the new version of Sunrise’s powerful browser based IT service management solution, was released to Sunrise’s customers in July and is now formally on general release.

Sostenuto, accepted for the significant technology advances it introduces to IT Service Management, sees support for the Java Runtime Environment (JRE) 1.4.2_04 in its 1.4 release. Upgrading to Java 1.4.2 means that Sostenuto can now benefit from full support of the mouse wheel making it easier to navigate through grids etc. using the mouse ‘track wheel’.

The new release also sees the inclusion of support for BEA’s JRockit 1.4.2 product as an alternative to Sun Microsystems JRE. This provides improved runtime performance as proven by Sunrise’s own benchmark tests.

The performance of Sostenuto has been further enhanced in this release by improving the responsiveness of the filter technology employed within the product.

“With our third release this year we are committed to keeping our Sostenuto product up to date and in line with market expectations,’ noted Jon White, Sunrise’s Product Development Director.

Work is already underway on version 2.0 of Sostenuto which will provide a number of benefits to organisations including support for Crystal Reports 10, management of attachments, a web service based API providing a route for an organisations existing systems to integrate with Sostenuto and support for integration with other external web service enabled systems.

Version 2.0 is targeted for release in Q2 2005.

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