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Sunrise Software launches Sostenuto 4.5

Chessington, 12 September 2013 – UK-head-quartered service management company Sunrise Software has launched Sostenuto 4.5, the latest version of the company’s flagship product portfolio. Available for general release in September 2013, Sunrise Software’s major new innovation offers Service Desk managers a series of advanced features including a brand new User Interface (UI) that connects via the Internet to any device at any location and gamification functionality to improve and reward exceptional team performance.

Sostenuto 4.5 represents a major software upgrade for Sunrise Software with the User Interface the most significant enhancement to the core platform. Sostenuto’s new UI is designed to support desktop browsers such as Microsoft Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome and Safari, as well as the latest tablet devices such as the Apple iPad and Google Android to guarantee round-the-clock access to Sostenuto, independent of device or location.

The multi-document and tabbed UI improves support staff productivity by ensuring everyone can access important information quickly and makes switching between multiple incidents or associated records easy. The distinctive and individual colouring of tabs means that users always know where they are within the system and makes navigation simple.

Other notable highlights of Sostenuto 4.5 include:

  •  Full support for the latest tablet devices, such as Apple iPad and Google Android to ensure mobility at all times;
  • Customisable ‘My Sostenuto’ dashboards that allow greater visualisation of Service Desk Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and highlight potential issues or trends before they become major problems;
  • Advanced, integrated reporting capabilities;
  • Gamification elements to recognise and reward employee and team performance

Sostenuto 4.5 supports gamification where the concepts and gaming mechanics, often experienced only with home games consoles, are applied to business applications. For Sostenuto users this means customer support staff now gain ‘experience’ as they go about their day-to-day support activities and, over time, will ‘Level Up’ through a series of configurable experience tiers. Users earn badges by satisfying specific criteria and can compete in challenges against other support staff, for example competing to achieve the highest personal customer satisfaction rating in a week or month. Participants are able to monitor their progress against others by viewing interactive leader boards as challenges or ‘quests’ progress.

Geoff Rees, Sales Director at Sunrise Software said; “Firmly focused on anticipating the latest trends, we are fully committed to developing workable, real-world solutions that enable our clients to provide the best possible support to their customers. By deploying Sostenuto 4.5, Service Desk managers benefit from a highly innovative, easy to use Service Desk solution that supports mobile and flexible working as it is accessible via many different media though the new User Interface.

“In addition, encouraging gamification in the Service Desk creates a positive culture that continually rewards exceptional performance and ultimately drives tangible improvements in IT and customer service delivery. Gamification is already recognised as an efficient and cost-effective alternative to traditional incentive programmes and our goal is to make it an intrinsic part of the Service Desk,” he continued.

Sostenuto 4.5 supports all existing Sostenuto products including the ‘Mobile’ interface for smartphones and the ‘Chameleon’ and ‘Iguana’ self –service portals. Additionally Sostenuto 4.5 supports both SOAP and REST API application programming interfaces. Sostenuto 4.5 will be available free of charge to all Sunrise Software customers with existing support and maintenance contracts.

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