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Sostenuto delivers improved customer service through Web Services integration

Chessington, UK – April 15th, 2005: Sunrise Software, one of the UK’s leading IT Service Management enterprise software vendors, has announced the forthcoming release of Sostenuto 2.0, its next-generation IT Service Management tool.

Sostenuto has gained an impressive following from buyers since it was brought to market, with a growing number of organisations having signed up to the fully web based solution, including names such as Anglian Water, Abacus, Birmingham City Council, British Heart Foundation, Eidos, and the Pensions Trust.

Tom Weston, Chairman of Sunrise, commented: “The uptake of Sostenuto V1 has shown that buyers are looking to replace the traditional help desk systems with more flexible solutions that can encompass further services and help them to align IT more closely with their business requirements. With Version 2, Sostenuto”s fully web based technology is set to come into its own even more and this is only the beginning.”

“Over the last twelve months, the IT industry has seen web services come of age,” explained Mr Weston.

“Our efforts in integrating Sostenuto with web services will enable customer IT service desk teams to be more efficient and practical in their customer service as IT tools continue to become available in this fashion.”

With web service integration, Sostenuto users will be able to access data from external tools run as web services, directly from the Sostenuto desktop.

“Direct access to web services via Sostenuto will reduce IT service call times giving teams more time to focus on providing customer service in other ways,” said Mr Weston.

“Sostenuto will also provide the opportunity to turn the IT service desk into a profit centre rather than a cost centre, by reducing support costs and increasing efficiency”.

Sostenuto 2.0 also provides Windows mobile and enhanced browser access to the service management database, via its Chameleon tools.

“Through a networked Windows mobile device such as a handheld computer, members of the IT service desk team can interrogate Sostenuto in real time, recalling information on service requests, IT assets and job status without waiting for manual synchronisation,” said Mr Weston.

And while mobile service desk team members can quickly draw on information wherever they are, service desk customers are provided with greater tools to search for and resolve their own support issues without directly involving the service desk.

“Chameleon, our self-service customer portal has received a number of enhancements to provide a friendly and useful tool for end-users to search, log, and review incidents,” said Mr Weston. “Account management functionality including a password recovery tool has also been added.”

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