The future of IT Service Management

We have recently returned from exhibiting at SITS15 reflecting on the decision made by the organisers to change the name to The Service Desk & IT Support Show and what this means for the future of business IT.

SITS continues to be a major focal point for the IT support industry by bringing together all the products and individuals that drive our industry forward. The event was, as always, a great success for us, allowing us to explain to customer new and old exactly how we are able to help so many businesses tackle their IT challenges.

This moves us neatly to thinking about the SITS name change. Previously the Service desk and IT Support show, the decision to broaden the event by calling it the “IT Service Management Show” was bold and not without controversy. Some people have argued that the event succeeds because of its razor-sharp focus on the Service Desk. While the show will remain at heart about IT support and the value of a technical Service Desk, the name change is important because it reflects an essential truth – these services no longer exist in isolation.

IT support is one of many IT services, and the way that customers gain support is no longer isolated to the Service Desk. Google searches, YouTube guides, and the ability to ask peers for help on social media have altered the way that IT is supported, and so businesses must be mindful of keeping a narrow view of the Service Desk. The tools and techniques pioneered by Service Desks can offer huge benefits when applied to other parts of the organisation, and so opening up the event to look at what other areas of IT and day-to-day business can benefit is a progressive move to be applauded.

It is this shifting mindset that enabled us to successfully demonstrate the breadth of our software solutions. Yes, we continue to offer our core IT Service Desk product, but we have steadily built on this legacy in recent years, with products for customer service, HR, and Service Providers. And with fully-fledged modules covering disciplines such as risk and projects management recently added to portfolio, we are confident we are helping customers adapt to trends and the ever evolving challenges of IT Service Management.



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