Friday Introducing - Dean Coleman

This week we are pleased to introduce you to Dean Coleman, Head of Service Delivery. Prior to joining Sunrise, Dean had spent 7 years working in the film business as a Systems Administrator for a film production and distribution company. Following this, Dean worked for Allied Irish Bank as a Network Analyst which is where he came into contact with Sunrise for the first time as a customer of ours. He then moved on to work at another Sunrise customer, UKN Group, who are a Managed Service Provider where he was responsible for all client operations. Finally, he worked directly with clients providing IT Service Management consultancy and also with the Service Desk Institute (SDI) as a Service Desk Certification auditor.

Since joining Sunrise, Dean is keen to use his past experiences to help Sunrise put in place processes for the project team that will improve our overall customer experience. Dean’s 2015 vision is to support the growth of the business, by delivering good quality service to customers, on-time and maintain customer satisfaction. Dean is very passionate about feedback and intends to promote more opportunities for customers to give their feedback and then use this information to drive continual improvement in service management.

Dean was recently asked about what experience he had gained from working closely with the Service Desk Institute and what his favourite recommendation was with regards to running an efficient & successful service desk and this is what he had to say…

“There are so many elements to create a highly successful service desk. However, for me, the most important pieces are people, values and culture. If you hire the right people with the right attitude, develop the values and behaviours of the team and create the right culture, there will be no limits to what the team can and will achieve”.

Outside of work Dean enjoys spending time with his wife and children, especially going on holidays and breaks away. Dean also enjoys photography, running, cooking, supporting Liverpool FC, reading, listening to music and watching TV series.