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Professional Services


Get the most out of your Sunrise System.


Sunrise Software’s purpose is to provide innovative and effective solutions to help people be more successful. We are therefore committed empowering your organisation to deliver your services and manage your process through our powerful software solutions.

Our Professional Services team will help your organisation by providing product expertise combined with business analysis skills and industry best-practice knowledge.

Discover and Define

To help accurately capture your detailed requirements, we have developed our 'Discover and Define' packages which enables us to work with you to determine your exact needs and produce a clear set of functional requirements for your solution. In addition to a comprehensive requirements document, we will provide a fixed-price delivery quotation which will ensure you can control project budget.

Improvements to your services can include a wide range of changes to your Sunrise system, such as:

  • New workflows and business processes.
  • New screens.
  • New functionality.
  • Add another department's business process into the system.
  • Integrations with 3rd party systems such as JIRA, MS Teams, Workday etc...


For small scale changes; this includes a requirements session, documentation and review meetings.


For larger scale change projects when multiple requirements sessions with different stakeholders are required.


This is perfect when your outcomes are not yet clearly defined, or you wish to have flexibility on the number of requirements sessions you have , or you only pay for consultancy time needed to discuss, define and document the requirements.

Health Check

Review your system with your end users to understand how they use the system, analyses your current configuration and make any immediate improvements. Create recommendations from improvements.

Safe Hands

If you don't have any specific requirements, Safe Hands consultancy days that can be purchases upfront to draw down when required for configurations, training or support activities.

Improvement Services

We want you to get the best out of your Sunrise system. However, it is not often easy to understand how to do this. Our consultants are experts in Sunrise systems and have excellent knowledge and experience of the industry, having worked on hundreds of projects. Therefore, they are ideally placed to lead the discussions regarding your business requirements and ensure the system changes are accurately captured before delivery.



All Sunrise systems include a wide range of analysis and reporting options, from historical data to real-time statistics, as well as the ability to customise these for the target audience.

Bespoke Reports - Discover and Define

Creation of bespoke reports to meet your specific requirements. Our discover and define session allows you to specify the detailed requirements before committing to the build and cost.

Bespoke Reports

Bespoke report building service on a Time and Materials basis where our experts will work with you to create the reports you require. Safe Hands allows you to control your budget by using Sunrise for as little or as much time as you need.

Safe Hands

Time and material consultancy days that can be purchased upfront and drawn down when required for configuration, training or support activities.


Our Sunrise Consultants are here to help you maximise the investment you have made in your Sunrise solution.

Data Services

SQL Expertise

Sunrise offer a range of data services aimed at the SQL database that underpins your Sunrise solution. Whether it is getting data into the system, ensuring the system performs to optimum levels, or helping you understand how you can get data out of your system into reporting and BI tools.

New Data Import Package

Creation of new data import package to load new data into your Sunrise system.

Amend Existing Database Package

Amend your existing data import packages to add or remove fields or change functionality.

Update Database Package

Update your data import package to support functionality when you upgrade to new version of Microsoft SQL server.

Migrate your Database

Move your Sunrise system database when you implement a new Microsoft SQL server.

Data Package Migration

Migrate your data import package(s) to a new MS SQL server.

Data Cleardown

Create bespoke data cleardown script when you want to remove any data from any of your Sunrise services.

Database Healthcheck

Review your database, make improvement to help performance and make recommendations for improvements your DBA should make to ensure optimum performance.

Power BI Dashboards and Reports

Create bespoke dashboards and reports in Power BI using data from your Sunrise system.

User Training

These courses are designed as your first insight into the Sunrise product, this can include first look at services, and how to collect data from your system for basic reports.

This includes:

Service Familiarisation

Basic Reports Training

Beginner Training

The first step in your administrator journey, these courses are important so that you can maintain your system by managing the minor changes required on a regular basis.

These form our prerequisite for asking for help through our Customer Support Desk.

The courses are:

Fields, Associations and Filters

System Access

Intermediate Training

This is your next step in the administrator journey, with these courses you will learn more skills to help advance your system by enhancing services and processes.

The intermediate training courses are:

Service Management and Screen Design

Processes and Actions

Advanced Training

For team members involved with the more advanced configuration of your Sunrise solution, the Sunrise Advanced Training courses are:

Consultant-led Training

Introduction to Sunrise API

Additional Training

Looking for more training?

Here are some further training courses that will allow you to gather the skills and expertise you require to enhance your use of your Sunrise solution:

Bespoke Consultancy

Pre-Requirements Familiarisation


There is no better way to get the best out of your Sunrise system than ensuring you have received the best and most appropriate training. We have several training courses that are aimed at providing you with the right level of skills and knowledge to work with your Sunrise system.

Ensure you have completed your Basic Admin Training before complete further training services.

Technical Services

When installing, upgrading, or migrating your Sunrise system, it is critical to ensure that this is done correctly to keep your services online without disruption to end users. Our Services teams have years of experience and are on hand to complete these tasks for you.

Upgrade Service

Upgrade your Sunrise system to the latest version.

Migrate your System

Migrate your Sunrise system and databases to a new server.

Cloud Migration

Install Sunrise onto your cloud platform and migrate your databases.

SaaS Migration

Migrate your on-premise system to SaaS, with no configuration changes needed.

Rapid Start Service (On-premise/SaaS)

Installation of a new live and test Sunrise system, base configuration, contacts and items imports, basic security setup and admin training.

What Our
Customers Say

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"We’ve been using Sunrise for nearly three years, without any failures, giving us reassurance and allowing us to focus on supporting the work of the council, its staff and councillors. We particularly like the ease of use, and the intuitive interface that we’ve been able to customise to meet our needs in every area."

Judy Barker
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"Sunrise has been transformational in how we are now working and the data that we are able to capture and use."

Womble Bond Dickinson
IT Services Manager
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"We saw that Sunrise’s employees are really enthusiastic about the company and hugely experienced. That made our decision very straightforward - Sunrise is just the right partner for us. Adopting the SaaS model means we don’t have to worry about release cycles or server management either, as it’s all managed by Sunrise."

Head of IT

"As with the entire NHS, we have a focus on efficiency, and Sunrise enables us to automate many of our processes, giving staff time to handle more complex, more challenging jobs where they can really add value."

NHS Merseyside
Head of IT Service Operations
image 5-2

"We have the ability to customise the platform for different areas of the university and have removed the need for a multitude of platforms from multiple providers."

Plymouth University
Service Improvement Manager

"Flexibility, scalability, customisation and speed of implementation were paramount to us. Sunrise ITSM enabled us to improve and alter the way in which we logged and managed queries through to resolution, with a clean and simple user interface that staff could quickly and easily get to grips with."

WM Housing
Senior Administrator

"Thanks to Sunrise and ITIL we’re confident that we can deliver the service our customers require and better understand and respond to their changing needs, in a more digitally-driven world. "

Steve Haslam

"For us Sunrise were the clear choice. The system has a broad range of features and functions and it was the most cost effective answer to our needs."

Sue Keating
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