Case Study: Bidfood - Sunrise Software

Faced with an outsourced IT Service Desk, which was a cause of dissatisfaction for the employees at foodservice provider, Bidfood, the IT leadership team felt a significant change was needed to turn around the perception of IT along with providing a more personal service to its employees. With over 4,000 UK employees and a thousand vehicles on the road delivering food and ingredients to over 45,000 customers, Bidfood is a familiar name across the UK. Service is at the heart of its success, ensuring that customers have access to unrivalled food choice coupled with the reassurance that deliveries will arrive exactly when needed. There are over 2,500 office and remote employees who have an account with IT, and rely on devices and systems from phones and laptops, to bespoke logistics applications to keep the wheels turning.

Read the story of how Bidfood brought Sunrise ITSM SaaS in-house and reached 100% positive response.

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