WM Housing Case Study

WM Housing regenerates its service desk with Sunrise Software IT Service Management

WM Housing Group is one of the West Midlands’ largest not-for-profit social housing businesses. Providing more than 30,000 high-quality homes to tenants, leaseholders and shared owners across the region, including Birmingham, Coventry, Herefordshire and Worcestershire, WM Housing is dedicated to creating an environment where people can be proud to work and live. Established in 1998, WM Housing has grown through acquisition and strategic partnerships and currently has more than 1000 employees.

Core to the WM Housing ethos is the commitment to collaboration, building communities and encouraging positive working practices to better serve their customers. Offering more than just basic landlord services, the organisation’s vision is to listen to individuals and proactively implement ethical practices to provide guidance and support to staff and customers.


Bringing the outside in

WM Housing had previously outsourced its IT Service Desk to a third party who provided both the staff and the technology to manage incoming queries. With the end of the contract approaching, WM Housing were looking for an alternative way to deliver superior service and support levels to staff and customers.

For John Griffith, Application Support at WM Housing, the time had come to change the way queries were being logged and managed by the support team. The outsourced service was not delivering the levels of customer satisfaction required and WM Housing’s small IT team of application specialists and project managers were determined that the poor service their colleagues were receiving would be reversed. The business recognised the need to kick-start the review process.

After a series of internal discussions and analysis of the requirements the business had, John and the team decided to bring the service desk back into the organisation.

John says: “We had been contracting out the support desk to external providers for several years but it just wasn’t delivering what we needed as a business. If issues arose, a lot of it was fixed via remote controlling onto staff devices, but the timeliness of the response was poor and lacklustre. Ultimately, it was an impersonal service and didn’t fit with our brand. We made the decision to insource the service desk, which meant formally splitting the IT team into a projects team and a service desk and expanding the department by employing more third line technicians and staff.”

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