Sunrise ITSM integration with Teams

Teams can be easily integrated with Sunrise ITSM using the REST API feature. Watch this video for details of integration with Teams.


Watch the video to discover how to integrate Sunrise ITSM simply and seamlessly to send messages into Microsoft Teams. In this example, we have a major incident record open in Sunrise concerning an issue with the Mail server. A high volume of users has reported issues with not being able to send and receive email, and have been discussing the problems amongst themselves in MS Teams, so IT wants to be able to share relevant information to the correct Teams channels. Via the integration, we have an operational option to send information directly to the Teams channel, which is configurable to send any field or custom message required. The message is seen within Teams, along with the Sunrise reference number, start time, impact, urgency and description, as well as the custom message such as on expected resolution time. In this way the ITSM software can centrally update other communications tools like Teams, helping to reduce the effort of the IT team and free up their time to concentrate on more technical issues.


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