SDI Survey - View from Frontline 2019 - Sunrise Software

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This 2019 SDI report sponsored by Sunrise, takes recent SDI survey results and provides a snapshot of the industry, looking at what service desks benefit from and struggle with in terms of their ITSM tools, vendors, and innovation.

Between February and March 2019, the ‘A View From The Frontline’ survey was sent to a wide variety of service desk professionals, working in both public and private sector and covering a wide range of organisations.
With Digital Transformation at the forefront of the minds of many organisations, and access to innovative technologies at the fingertips of service desk professionals, the industry has undoubtedly developed exponentially. Therefore, it is unsurprising that the focus points throughout this report, as dictated by respondents, include:
• Self-service
• Automation & AI
• Chatbots
• Reporting
• Methodologies and frameworks.


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