Integrated Service Desk (Webex) - Sunrise Software ITSM

The Service Desk has transformed from ticketing and password resets to COVID home-working saviour. From the silo of IT to collaboration via integration with key digital services – Teams, Jira and Power BI. From manual administration to automated processes touching the whole organisation.

Join Steve Broadhead & Sunrise on a 30 min journey through the lens of the modern service desk platform as they reveal added value in unforeseen places.

In this webinar recording you will discover:

  • Where to spot opportunities to add value
  • The benefits of wider use of ITSM software
  • Integrations you can’t afford to miss
  • Key applications beyond IT
  • How an open platform can adapt to new opportunities

Steve Broadhead is a technology journalist, technical researcher & author, guitarist and occasional comedy writer, who brings his unique perspective to the world of ITSM through 30+ years’ association with the IT industry.



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