Incident Management

Speed up Incident classification, increase your first call resolution or escalate complex issues to resolver teams with the help of Sunrise Incident Management.


We know that sometimes issues fall into black holes. Sunrise IT Service Management (ITSM) features fast Incident classification and instant access to past calls, known errors and a library of knowledge articles in order to increase your first call resolution. Escalate complex issues to individuals, resolver teams, or even suppliers, to identify the resolution you need to get your customer working again. With integrated business rules, Incidents can be routed to the appropriate groups automatically based on classifications or key events.

With Sunrise IT Service Management (ITSM) you’ll get a flexible way of logging, tracking and resolving your Incidents. Prioritisation of Incidents becomes a breeze, with automatic service level tracking, proactive notifications to support analysts via internal messages, texts, or customisable e-mails.

With Sunrise’s 100% browser-based interface, you’ll always have access to your Incident queues no matter where you are, what device you have with you, or what time you access it.

Incident Management in a nutshell

  • Fast call classification and full audited history of all customer interactions
  • Increased first call resolution with detailed performance tracking of Service Level Agreements
  • Monitor supplier performance for the role they play in resolving issues
  • Associate Incidents to Known Errors
  • Raise Incidents via phone, email, Self-Service or even an external application using our API
  • Dynamic searching ensures quick and easy access to related and associated incidents and knowledge articles

Customers / testimonials

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Over 80% of users are using the self-service portal, with more than 60% claiming it has improved their overall experience of using IT

Fran Reilly

IT Support Technician, Ginsters

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