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ITSM Resource Planning Software

At your fingertips – schedule change requests and project tasks
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ITSM Resource planning software at your fingertips...

 Ensuring the successful delivery of projects, programmes, and tasks, for internal stakeholders or clients, hinges on effective planning and management.

This is where our ITSM Resource Planning Software comes into play. It offers unparalleled visibility and control over your resource availability and schedules.

The IT Resource Planner by Sunrise is designed for ease of use and comprehensive management, providing a variety of views for optimal scheduling and resource allocation. With this ITSM Resource Planning Software, you can effortlessly navigate the complexities of resource management, ensuring your projects are always on track and efficiently executed. of projects, programmes, and tasks – be they ‘internal’ or client-focused – requires much planning, visibility, and awareness.

This means having a handle on the availability and schedules of the necessary resources that can be brought to bear. Sunrise’s IT Resource Planner provides an easy-to-use and comprehensive toolkit for viewing and scheduling resources, with multiple views being available.

Please click on the demo below for a 5 minute presentation on this function’s capabilities..

ITSM Resource planner visualisations

The resource planner provides two different visualisations:

Group 10

It gives a calendar view, which shows all schedule records in a calendar format including Incidents, Problems, Changes, Projects and Tasks with daily, weekly and monthly views.

Group 10

It also has a scheduler view, which enables you to schedule records against not just a record itself but also against a specific user or team via simple drag and drop functionality to give a visualisation of your current resources and their schedule. 

 The resource planner covers the entire Sunrise application and any record or task with a start date and a duration field can be presented within the resource planner.

What Our Customers Say

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"We’ve been using Sunrise for nearly three years, without any failures, giving us reassurance and allowing us to focus on supporting the work of the council, its staff and councillors. We particularly like the ease of use, and the intuitive interface that we’ve been able to customise to meet our needs in every area."

Judy Barker
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"Sunrise has been transformational in how we are now working and the data that we are able to capture and use."

Womble Bond Dickinson
IT Services Manager
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"We saw that Sunrise’s employees are really enthusiastic about the company and hugely experienced. That made our decision very straightforward - Sunrise is just the right partner for us. Adopting the SaaS model means we don’t have to worry about release cycles or server management either, as it’s all managed by Sunrise."

Bidfood - Matt Wilsher
Head of IT Services

"As with the entire NHS, we have a focus on efficiency, and Sunrise enables us to automate many of our processes, giving staff time to handle more complex, more challenging jobs where they can really add value."

NHS Merseyside
Head of IT Service Operations
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"We have the ability to customise the platform for different areas of the university and have removed the need for a multitude of platforms from multiple providers."

Plymouth University
Service Improvement Manager

"Flexibility, scalability, customisation and speed of&nbsp;implementation were paramount to us. Sunrise ITSM enabled us to improve and alter the way in which we logged and managed queries through to resolution, with a clean and simple user interface that staff could quickly and easily get to grips with."

WM Housing
Senior Administrator

"The relationship we have with Sunrise feels more like a partnership than a client / supplier dynamic. They have always responded to our feedback 100%, and gone out of their way to support us in our ISO/IEC 20000 undertaking."

Nicki Burton

"For us Sunrise were the clear choice. The system has a broad range of features and functions and it was the most cost effective answer to our needs."

Sue Keating
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