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ITSM Service Management Software
ITSM Service Management Software
ITSM Service Management Software

Building better customer relationships

Your business benefits greatly from operational efficiencies and sharing information consistently across multiple departments. Building a single picture of your customers from the beginning of the relationship onwards empowers you to build better relationships with those that matter, and ensures that your organisations goals are achieved. However, if handled badly each area has the potential to significantly impact your organisation with the negative impact felt on the bottom line, on your reputation, and on your operational effectiveness.

Sunrise Service Management provides the features you need to track your customer journey with integrated crm-style contact management features and sales opportunity management. Risk and audit management functionality ensures improved governance and auditable proof of regulatory or legal compliance.
Great teams don’t work in silos. Having a Service Management application in place that will help you manage your business will not only save you time and money, but will also ensure that you act in an efficient and collaborative manner.

Using Sunrise ITSM

IT Service Management Software
Many of our customers have taken advantage of the services available to control and manage their IT Operations, one of those customers is INPS who uses Sunrise’s Configuration Management functionality to track the numerous services that it supports. Thanks to Sunrise ITSM, INPS know exactly which customers are connected to the different systems they have in place and how they are using the various services, enabling them to target any changes swiftly and accurately.

What’s Included?

ITSM risk management

IT Risk Management

Build a standardised approach to risk management across your IT estate, and other operational areas, and proactively manage known risks and their mitigation strategies

ITSM training and skills

Training and Skills

Streamline training requests and approval processes, and see a complete picture of all delivered training and the skills acquired by your staff.

ITSM ideas


Improve your products, services and processes by harnessing the creativity of those around you.
ITSM customer feedback

Customer Feedback

Whether praise or complaint, there’s always something positive to learn from customer feedback. Keep everyone informed from the beginning of the process to a satisfactory conclusion.
ITSM crm & opportunities

CRM & Opportunities

Manage all contact interactions, prospects and your sales pipeline by tracking all leads from initial discussions through to active customer projects, and beyond.
ITSM invoicing


Improve commercial visibility by linking invoices directly to the activities, expenses, project milestones, and contract schedules they relate to.
ITSM audit management

IT Audit Management

Reduce the complexity of your compliance processes, and ensure full traceability and visibility of your audit results. Build confidence in processes and demonstrate compliance.

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