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Efficient Contract Management in one location

Managing thousands of contracts spanning hundreds of partners and suppliers can be a time consuming process, especially when they’re spread over multiple spreadsheets or systems. Sunrise Service Management allows you to manage your contracts easily and efficiently in a central location, tying them to suppliers and the services or equipment they provide.

With Sunrise Service Management you can keep on top of the critical workload of contract negotiations, and banish the myriad of spreadsheets containing approved suppliers and their contracts. You’ll receive plenty of early warning for expiring contracts, be able to share details of contract discussions, as well as report on supplier performance over time.
Sunrise Service Management helps you reveal wasted investments on licences that are no longer used, and to renegotiate ineffective contract terms. You’ll never be left wondering which supplier supports which hardware and software and under which contract.

Using Sunrise Service Management

ITSM inps

Many of our customers have taken advantage of the services available to control and manage their IT Operations, one of those customers is INPS who uses Sunrise’s Configuration Management functionality to track the numerous services that it supports. Thanks to Sunrise ITSM, INPS know exactly which customers are connected to the different systems they have in place and how they are using the various services, enabling them to target any changes swiftly and accurately.

What’s Included?

ITSM domains


Consolidate contracted web domains and store them in a centralised location.

ITSM supplier management

Supplier Management

Maintain a complete view of all your supplier activities, what they supply and their overall performance, by tracking and tracing their contributions to the delivery of your service to your customers.
ITSM supplier contracts

Supplier Contracts

Managing thousands of contracts spanning hundreds of partners and suppliers can be a time-consuming process. Manage your contracts centrally and link them with suppliers and the services or equipment they provide.
ITSM customer contracts

Customer Contracts

Deliver the right services, to the right customers, at the right time. Build a centralised customer contract database and improve visibility of customer-specific contract terms.
ITSM product & order management

Product & Order Management

Gain complete visibility and control of the products you provide and those approved for purchase, and manage your orders from quotation, to approval, confirmation, and through to delivery on-site.

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