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From managing individual change requests, to delivering long-term customer projects, your service delivery functions are under a constant threat of being overloaded with demands and requests. Without proper management these can be easily missed leading to delays and customer dissatisfaction. But this doesn’t need to be the case. Sunrise Service Management includes many features that ensure operational teams and service delivery functions work together and collaborate on one single platform.

With Sunrise Service Management you’ll never lose sight of the products and services your customers use, you’ll increase the visibility of your active projects, as well as keep control of your change and release processes.
Sunrise Service Management allows you to proactively manage the unique levels of support you provide to your customers. Collaborate on a single integrated platform, across all operational areas of your business and deliver levels and quality of service to your customers that are unparalleled.

Customers who use it

ITSM Service Management Software
Many of our customers have taken advantage of the services available to control and manage their business operations more effectively. One of those customers is INPS who uses Sunrise’s Configuration Management functionality to track the numerous services that it supports. Thanks to Sunrise Service Management, INPS know exactly which customers are connected to the different systems they have in place and how they are using the various services, enabling them to target any changes swiftly and accurately.

What’s Included?

Within Sunrise IT Service Management, the following IT Operation services are available:

ITSM project management

Project Management

Monitor Project progress against agreed milestones and keep projects, outstanding tasks, and the resolution of pending issues, visible and on-target at all times.

ITSM Service Management Software

Returns (RMA)

Track your supported items at each stage of the returns process from initial reporting of a fault, through to transit, testing, final repair, and resolution.
ITSM management database

Configuration Management Database

Build a central store for all assets, whether hardware, software, IT services or anything in between. Associate assets to people, departments, locations and other services, to understand the impact of future changes and issues.

ITSM change mangement

Change Management

Reduce change risk by managing, scheduling and communicating proposed future changes. Identify business impacts, and gain approval within change processes, and you’ll be in control every step of the way.

ITSM Service Management Software

Release Management

Group multiple changes together into a single release package, simplify your change rollouts, and never miss a release target again. Track problems, known errors, and further change requests associated with each of your releases.

ITSM event management

Event Management

See through the “noise” of constant alerts from your monitoring tools. Monitor the most critical issues with your IT equipment and generate new incidents or changes when event thresholds are exceeded.

ITSM time card & expense

Time Cards & Expenses

Keep tabs on all time taken and expenses incurred in supporting, maintaining or implementing your IT strategy, and reduce the likelihood of hidden support costs.

ITSM work orders

Work Orders

Ensure the efficient and timely completion of internal and external Work Orders, and never lose track of outstanding activities again.

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