ITSM Product and Order Management

Gain complete visibility and control of your incoming IT by publishing a list of approved products, and managing orders from quotation, to approval, confirmation, and through to delivery on-site.


The management of orders for new IT equipment, following requests from users or just simple asset recycling, is critical to keeping on top of your IT estate. Gaining visibility of the orders you have awaiting quotes, pending delivery or coming in today ensures you can more accurately plan your daily activities.

Order Management is tightly integrated with both Product Management so that orders are raised only for products that are currently available from suppliers, approved for internal use, and available within your published catalogue. Information such as purchase price, tax rates, last purchase date, and lead times can be defined for each certified product, and used to make better informed buying decisions.

Product Management

Order Management incorporates a comprehensive procurement approval process, and allows the tracking of individual orders featuring multiple order-lines. This provides traceability to corresponding invoice information and increases your visibility and control. Successful deliveries can be automatically added to the Configuration Item database (CMDB) on completion of the order, ensuring there’s no double-handling of information.

Gain complete visibility over your IT procurement requests, with Sunrise IT Service Management Product and Order Mangement.

Product & Order Management in a nutshell

  • Manage a single point of reference for all purchasing transactions within the IT department
  • Track current and historic price information for your approved products lists
  • Manage supplier part numbers, and expected lead time for approved products part
  • Track the status of your orders, split deliveries, signatories and the ultimate destination of equipment
  • Upload and attach original procurement documentation, order forms, invoices, and scanned copies of delivery notices

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Key Benefits

  • Make better informed buying decisions
  • Increase productivity
  • Save time and costs
  • Increase order visibility and control
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