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Callstream gears up for fast business growth with Consolidated Customer Service Desk from Sunrise Software

Chessington, 21 November 2013 – Sunrise Software’s flagship Customer Service Desk software Sostenuto has been selected by Callstream, a specialist provider of innovative solutions for the UK’s call centre market. Sostenuto is used throughout the business by virtually every division within the company for all Customer information, and has enabled Callstream to successfully manage the sales pipeline, leading to increased sales and margins.

Callsteam’s Service Delivery Manager, Daniel Whitehouse explained; “At Callstream we have always prided ourselves on working in partnership with our clients to achieve their business objectives. Central to achieving this is a robust set of technology solutions wrapped up with a strong customer service ethos. Rapid business growth and a significant realignment of our marketing focus have prompted us to review our own customer service management framework.”

Part of the Bluebell Telecom Group, Callstream is one of the fastest growing UK resellers of voice and data services with many household names in its client portfolio. Sostenuto is used extensively throughout the business to record information about customers;

  • Customer Service Desk – incidents and requests are logged and managed, with reports highlighting any customers that may need extra help or additional services.
  • Sales and Account Management – new and repeat business opportunities are monitored
  • Accounts and Billing – any issues with debtors are recorded so that the customer service and sales teams are aware.
  • Project Management – projects and workloads are managed with Sostenuto helping to ensure that deadlines are always met and customer expectations maintained.
  • Senior Management – are able to access detailed management information supporting strategic business decisions, for example, gearing up with extra staff to meet expected demand.

“Sostenuto provides an audit trail for everything that happens with our customers, so that anyone within the business that is dealing with a customer can see at any time, exactly what is happening now and the history behind it,” Whitehouse explained.

Geoff Rees, Sales Director of Sunrise Software, concluded: “Service Desk solutions provide the ideal foundation for building a service-based approach to business for entire organisations. As is demonstrated by Callstream, managing every interaction with customers from a central system and delivering excellent customer service helps businesses to thrive and grow. Sostenuto has helped Callstream to transform its Customer Service operations, ensuring that they meet and exceed customer expectations.”

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About Callstream and Bluebell Telecom Group

Bluebell Telecom group is made up of Call Stream Ltd and Bluebell Telecom Ltd. Callstream is a specialist B2B business partner who provide and support innovative telecoms solutions to organisations where effective communications is fundamental to business delivery. Bluebell Telecom is a key provider of smart yet simple voice and data solutions into a range of vertical markets.

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