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Sunrise Software article suggests new ways for Service Providers to deliver great customer service

Delivering ‘a great customer experience’ is now top of every boardroom agenda as Service Providers compete to retain and recruit customers

Chessington, Surrey, 17 June 2015. Sunrise Software, a leading supplier of Service Management solutions, has published its latest article discussing how Service Providers can deliver a great customer experience. The thought leadership piece addresses the challenges of managing multiple suppliers and discusses the benefits of the Service Integration and Management (SIAM) model and a platform approach. Sunrise claims that both approaches can help Service Providers to coordinate and deliver optimum customer service in a collaborative and effective manner.

In the paper Sunrise outlines that a Service Integration and Management model can support the different service requirements for critical and non-critical services or customers. A central Service Desk team can be responsible for managing multiple suppliers to give the optimal mix of flexibility and provide a standard and consistent integrated service. It ensures that customers experience the right level of service for their particular contract, at the right cost to the business.

Sunrise also details how a platform approach provides an alternative way to manage customer service, where diverse departments such as IT Service Desk, HR/Payroll, Customer Service, Facilities, can use the same software, tailored to their individual requirements, while being part of an organisation-wide system.

Sunrise claims that both the SIAM and platform approaches have a focus on a central system that can support workflow, performance and service management, billing and payment. They also support a single set of data and collaboration across the enterprise. Both methodologies support key principles and use Service Desk processes to support customer service operations.

Geoff Rees, Business Services Director of Sunrise, said; “The Managed Service Provider sector knows only too well that when providing technical products and services you need to manage complex and diverse suppliers with different customer contracts to provide a joined up service.

With ‘customer experience’ on the top of every boardroom agenda, the question is not whether a Service Provider should be focusing on customer experience, but how. And with a choice of technology platforms and Service Desk processes that can support operations and deliver the important metrics and service, now is the time to act.”

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