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News Release

Sunrise announces the release of Enterprise 6.0, including a number of significant product improvements and additions.

Chessington, 8th August 2006.

Sunrise has today announced the release of Enterprise 6.0, the latest version of their advanced call logging and helpdesk software product. Following a sustained period of research and development, Enterprise 6.0 will be presented to the market with a number of improvements and additions. Launch date has been confirmed as 14th February 2007.

What’s New?

  • A fresh new user interface. Users will be able to open multiple records and filters at the same time and navigate easily through different views and windows thanks to an Outlook-style tree-view. Vista-style icons will complete the new look.
  • Outlook calendar integration. This will allow administrators to see users’ Outlook appointments and create new Outlook appointments from within the Enterprise Scheduler.
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2005 compatibility.
  • A new and improved SLA model.

Sunrise Chairman Tom Weston is extremely pleased with the announcement.

“Enterprise 6.0 is the result of a sustained period of research and development. We have been in constant consultation with existing Enterprise customers and I am extremely confident that the new release should meet our customer’s needs as well as attracting new business. Version 6.0 calls upon all of the reliability traits of previous Enterprise versions, but with a little bit more to shout about.”

More about Enterprise

Enterprise is the leading IT Service Management solution used by over 400 organisations worldwide that enables customers to implement their specific business requirements as well as processes recommended by current models of best practice.

Enterprise provides not only the advanced call management functionality you would expect from a leading service desk product but much more too. Its powerful asset management capability puts Enterprise ahead of the market by providing it with a natural ability to integrate seamlessly with other services and systems.

Enterprise is highly customizable, allowing customers to tailor their system to suit specific business requirements whether on the service desk or any other service across the organisation, such as:

  • External Customer Service
  • Property Maintenance
  • Car Fleet Management
  • Change Control applications

More information

For more information on Sunrise Enterprise and Sunrise, please contact Tim Daniells on 020 8391 9000 or tdaniells@sunrisesw.com

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