Customer Satisfaction boosted to over 90%

News Release

Warrington Borough Council extends its use of Sunrise Service Desk boosting Customer Satisfaction to over 90%

Problem Management and powerful Wallboard reporting features increase Service Desk capabilities

Chessington, Surrey, 8 May 2014. Warrington Council, has extended its use of Sunrise Software’s Service Desk platform with Problem Management and Wallboard reporting. These new capabilities will further support the Council in its drive to meet its service targets and ensure that there is minimal disruption to Council staff performance as a result of software or hardware issues. So far during 2014 internal Customer Satisfaction surveys have indicated that satisfaction levels with the services provided are 90% or higher.

Deployed as a Service Desk platform across the entire organisation, Sunrise is used to manage IT service provision as well as by other independent service departments that provide support for the Council’s SAP ERP system and the HR and Social Care systems. A browser based Self-Service module, enables any IT user across the Council to log requests for help directly, freeing up Service Desk agents to spend more time resolving issues and supporting staff.

The recently implemented Problem Management feature, highlights trends, enabling the Service Desk teams to identify the root cause of an issue and resolve it. Sue Keating, Service Performance Lead at Warrington Borough Council explained; “It is not unusual to see a single problem be the cause of multiple incidents, which present themselves in slightly different ways, so being able to analyse the data to identify trends is extremely valuable.”

Sunrise’s Wallboard reporting tool will provide a configurable graphical dashboard that will give the Service Desk team a dynamic picture of the open calls and their performance against SLAs. Sue and her team will appreciate this visibility. “Sunrise Wallboard will really help us to stay on target,” she says. “And ensures that we focus on the right things in the right order.”

For Sue and her team, there are many quantifiable benefits as a result of implementing Sunrise across the organisation, but ultimately it comes down to two things; they are meeting their service level agreements and their internal customers are happy with the support they receive.

“We have better management information, our time is spent more effectively and the teams feel that they have a better understanding of the issues at hand at any one time.” She says. “But what really makes us sit up and take notice is the responses we get from our regular customer satisfaction surveys. In the year to date so far we are scoring over 90%, which we are pleased with.”

Geoff Rees, Sales Director at Sunrise Software said; “Many companies implement a Service Desk solution for Incident Management and often don’t get beyond the basics. Forward thinking organisations like Warrington Borough Council have looked to make the most of the systems they have, ensuring a good Return-on-Investment. Advanced features like Problem Management and real-time reporting and Dashboards enable Service departments to take a more proactive rather than a purely reactive approach, enabling them to better support the business and add value.”



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