Managed Service Providers

Managed Service Providers

Quality of service is critical for Service Providers to safeguard their customers’ long term business objectives. Maintaining excellent Service Management over multiple communication channels, including telephone and email communication, internet Self-Service, and social media, is paramount.

There is constant pressure on Service Providers to supply innovative new services and to grow business activities, customers and revenues, so they need to provide an excellent service and whilst maintaining a tight grip on costs. Remaining continually competitive within their chosen market is vital, and quality of customer support is seen as a key competitive differentiator.


Connecting you and your customers

With its intuitive and 100% browser-based interface, Sunrise Service Management improves the performance and quality of your customer support, and puts a smile on your customers faces.

  • Knowledge

    Compile and publish information and knowledge of internal processes across your HR Service Desk. Better resolve employee questions and track predefined approaches to common issues.

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  • ITSM Gamification

    Engage, motivate and reward your Service Desk staff with gamification. Earn badges for great customer service, compete in challenges against peers and level-up to show everyone your support prowess.

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  • Integration

    Integrate your Service Desk with other essential IT applications and services using our REST or SOAP based Application Programming Interface. Improve information sharing and never operate in a silo again.

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  • Incidents

    Gain visibility over your customer’s Incidents and don’t let issues fall into black holes. Speed up Incident classification, increase your first call resolution or escalate complex issues to resolver teams.

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  • Reports

    Gain valuable insight with immediate access to operational information, and key performance metrics using SDI accredited performance reports. Or build your own and share commonly useful reports with others.

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  • Email

    Continually monitor your support email inboxes and convert incoming emails into new Incidents, updates or key actions. Keep your customers up-to-date about key events, and never miss an email conversation again.

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  • Changes

    Reduce change risk by managing, scheduling and communicating proposed future changes. By identifying business impacts and gaining approval within the change process, you're in control every step of the way.

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  • Dynamic Searching

    Increase information sharing across your Service Desk, allowing automated retrieval of related information, using tagging of similar records and context-based dynamic searching.

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  • ITSM Self-Service

    Let your users can interact with your Service Desk using a simple browser-based, Self-Service portal. Users raise new Incidents or Requests, search for solutions, or monitor existing known errors, or service outages.

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  • Contracts

    Managing thousands of contracts spanning hundreds of partners and suppliers can be a time-consuming process. Manage your contracts centrally and tie them to suppliers and the services or equipment they provide.

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  • Wallboard

    Never be lost for a stat again by monitoring your key Service Desk performance indicators as a range of comparative visualisations. Mix operational insight with agent performance to stay on top at all times.

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  • Problems

    Understand the impact of common problems that routinely affect your users and diagnose their underlying causes. Share workarounds to known issues and collaborate on long-term solutions.

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  • Dashboards

    Securely highlight the important information the way you want it and gain quick access with a single click, using configurable dashboards and a library of gadgets that get you into the action fast.

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  • Suppliers

    Maintain a complete view of all your supplier activities, what they supply and their overall performance, by tracking and tracing their contributions to the delivery of your service to your customers.

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Why did Cognito select Sunrise?

Cognito Logo

It was clear that Sunrise’s priority was to understand our eeds tather than adopt a ‘one size fits all’ approach

Steve Crawford

Supports Center manager, Cognito

Building your perfect solution

Match your chosen Sunrise Service Desk with a specially tailored package of Sunrise services, including consultancy and training – tailored to meet the needs of your organisation.






Community Driven


Project Management


Tailored Training


Commercial Options

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Whether you’d rather opt for your own local installation in your own data centre, or subscribe to our cloud-based Service Desk, Sunrise have you covered. Simply fire up your favourite browser, access your secure Sunrise application, and you’re off.

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On-going support for your Service Desk is vital for those moments when you need assistance from those “in the know”. From telephone and email support, self-service portal, website, and downloads, to new releases of software, Sunrise support is always there for you.

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As a Sunrise customer you'll experience regular communication via email, have conversations with your peers on our LinkedIn group, and be invited to our annual user group meetings. Rest assured that you'll belong to a large community of satisfied users.

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Implementing your new software system might seem a bit daunting at first but, with our structured approach, we’re there from the initial design days to the moment you go live, to ensure your Service Desk delivers on your vision.

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Sunrise offers a range of training courses from the basics required by support agents and other users, through to day-to-day system administration, and full configuration, to enable you to get the most from your investment.

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‘On-premise’ or ‘Cloud’? ‘Capex’ or ‘Opex’? Perpetual licence, or subscription licence? Concurrent users or ‘named’ – or both? Whatever your requirements we won’t let the difficult stuff get in the way of doing business. Contact us and we'll find the right option for you.


Not just a supplier, but a partner

ANS Group Logo

We looked at a lot of different solutions and liked the fact that Sunrise is a UK company with an established buisness and their flexible approach meant that we can work with them as partners

Scott Fletcher

Chariman & Founder, ANS Group

Next steps…

Whatever your support requirements, join other organisations in discovering what Sunrise Managed Service Providers can do for you. Contact Sunrise on +44 (0) 208 391 9000, use our online get in touch page, or email

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