Adapting to COVID at Moray Council - Sunrise Software ITSM

Adapting to COVID with ITSM tools.
As the COVID-19 crisis runs its course, IT service departments and IT Service Management software have taken the strain of managing the required change in working practices. Enabling the relocation of a working population from an office or field base to a secure and reliable home environment has put people, process and technology to the fore. Public sector organisations delivering diverse services, many critical to supporting vulnerable individuals, have had to move quickly to adapt to the crisis and the evolving ‘new normal’.

Moray Council is one example; as with much of ITSM for Local Government, Moray has had a work-from-home plan for a while and so the IT team was well prepared when they needed to accelerate their support. Setting up a new ITSM service in Sunrise ITSM – ‘COVID’ – has enabled them to prioritise and track all requests and responses for immediate delivery as well as ongoing planning and continuous improvement. The support team was able to produce reports as shown for calls directly related to work caused by COVID, giving an idea of the scale of the issue – important as they initially had to stop other work and concentrate on enabling essential workers and getting people working from home.

David McKay, ICT Project Leader said, “One of the most important factors for us was to track the additional work generated by the Coronavirus crisis, and we’ve been able to do that accurately, and in a way which has helped us gauge what resources are required so we can plan ahead and meet the increase in demand. Our team has responded swiftly to the challenge, enabling hundreds of workers adapt to a new way of working, supported by technology, so we can continue to deliver lifeline services to our residents. Prioritising our work through the Sunrise platform has made this process more streamlined, at a time when it was most needed.”

Great work there from the Moray Council team – we’re delighted that Sunrise ITSM has been able to support you during the pandemic and when planning for the future.
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