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Centralised Service in time of Crisis

Unprecedented circumstances may dictate that the organisation has to move quickly. Sunrise ITSM supports your need for centralised management of impact, tasks and risks related to a Crisis, giving you improved visibility and control and helping you to make better-informed decisions.

1. What Does It Do?

  • Accurately allocate and manage the resources required
  • Keep a record of all requirements for each crisis
  • Identify and schedule tasks and milestones
  • Monitor and manage any crisis-specific issues and assign to the project team for resolution
  • Easily identify project-specific risks and track mitigation strategies

2. Key User Benefits

  • Improved understanding of crisis interdependencies
  • Clearer visibility of current crisis status and risks
  • Flexibility to accommodate fast evolving situation
  • Improved allocation of resources

3. More Info

Sunrise ITSM allows you to create and see the current status of all aspects of the Crisis at a glance, to manage tasks and issues to tight deadlines, to deliver against key tasks, and to keep control of the situation. Employees’ changed circumstances e.g. furlough, impact on assets and suppliers, knowledge, incidents and other tasks can all be linked to the Crisis. With Sunrise ITSM Crisis Management you’ll have the right information on hand when you need it, helping you mitigate negative impacts on the organisation.



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