ITSM ROI: a treasure trove of value! Sunrise Software

I’ve worked in the service management software industry for longer than I care to admit, yet I’ve just been given a stark reminder of the contribution that it makes to the wider business. This Computer Weekly article on the adoption of Sunrise ITSM SaaS at Utilita Energy, highlights how a service improvement project can achieve way more than just fixing user issues and SLAs. Here are some of the outcomes that caught my eye:

  • Planning and engagement builds bridges between IT and the business
  • End-users can adopt self-service enthusiastically (despite what we’re led to believe!)
  • Reporting unveils user trends and usage adoption
  • Metrics can point to priority issues to resolve
  • Cost savings can be seen and measured
  • SaaS has rapid returns, saving time & resources.

Computer Weekly brings out business indicators on SaaS, ROI, self-service and business engagement in Utilita’s ITSM project. I think we can truly say that with a visionary direction, the days of focus on resolving the helpdesk ticket are behind us; ITSM can prove it has business value now!