IT Service Management

Transform your IT department with outstanding service performance and the tools you need to prove it

IT Service Management

Whether you’re looking for a powerful and comprehensive Service Management solution for a large corporate, or a simpler call management tool, Sunrise puts you in control of your end-user’s support needs.

Sunrise IT Service Management includes an integrated suite of processes to empower your IT Service Desk with the tools that support the needs of both agent and end-user.

Sunrise ITSM will help you to achieve your organisation’s goals, whether that’s to become ITIL aligned, increase the productivity of your Service Desk or improve customer satisfaction – no matter the goal, we are confident that Sunrise ITSM will help take your IT Service Desk and the management of related or similar organisational processes to the next level.


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SDI Reports

Sunrise ITSM includes a suite of reports which meet the Service Desk Institutes (SDI) Performance Results Reporting Compliance standard, ensuring a high standard of reporting that will help you on your way to achieving SDI accreditation.

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Supporting your journey for ITIL adoption

Sunrise IT Service Management supports your drive for ITIL adoption by providing core processes such as Incident, Problem, Change, Release and a CMDB right out of the box.


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Whether you are looking for an IT Service Desk Software solution based on ITIL® best practices, a simple IT call management system or something in-between to help to improve the overall performance of your IT support processes, we are certain that we have a solution that will work for you.

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A new generation of IT Service Management and Service Desk software

With its intuitive and 100% browser-based interface, Sunrise IT Service Management improves the performance and quality of your IT support, and enables you to achieve your organisations goals.

  • Contracts

    Managing thousands of contracts spanning hundreds of partners and suppliers can be a time-consuming process. Manage your contracts centrally and tie them to suppliers and the services or equipment they provide.

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  • Email

    Continually monitor your support email inboxes and convert incoming emails into new Incidents, updates or key actions. Keep your customers up-to-date about key events, and never miss an email conversation again.

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  • Events

    See through the "noise" of constant alerts from your monitoring tools. Monitor the most critical issues with your IT equipment and generate new incidents or changes when event thresholds are exceeded.

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  • Items

    Build a central store for all assets, whether hardware, software, IT services or anything in between. Associate assets to people, departments, locations and other services, to understand the impact of future changes.

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  • Knowledge

    Compile and publish information such as symptoms, cause and resolution details across your Service Desk. Better resolve customer incidents, and track workarounds to problems and known errors.

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  • Service Catalogue

    Review, approve and deliver customer requests ranging from IT equipment, application and security access, to new starters. Publish available services from a catalogue to users using a self-service portal.

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  • Orders

    Gain complete visibility and control of your incoming IT by publishing a list of approved products, and managing orders from quotation, to approval, confirmation, and through to delivery on-site.

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  • Releases

    Group multiple changes together into a single release package, simplify your rollouts, and never miss a release target again. Track problems, known errors, and further change requests associated with each of your releases.

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  • Work Orders

    Ensure the efficient and timely completion of internal and external Work Orders, and never lose track of outstanding activities again.

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  • Integration

    Integrate your Service Desk with other essential IT applications and services using our REST or SOAP based Application Programming Interface. Improve information sharing and never operate in a silo again.

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  • Mobile

    Take your service desk with you wherever you go, regardless of your location, the device you choose to take with you, or the time of day you need it. Your service desk is always there with you. Just add internet.

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  • Risk Management

    Build a standardised approach to risk management across your IT estate, and other operational areas, and proactively manage known risks and their mitigation strategies

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  • SDI Reports

    Demonstrate the true IT support capabilities of your Service Desk, and spot predicted future trends, with these Service Desk Institute accredited performance reports for Sunrise IT Service Management

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  • Wallboard

    Never be lost for a stat again by monitoring your key Service Desk performance indicators as a range of comparative visualisations. Mix operational insight with agent performance to stay on top at all times.

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  • Project Management

    Monitor Project progress against agreed milestones and keep projects, outstanding tasks, and the resolution of pending issues, visible and on-target at all times.

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  • Suppliers

    Maintain a complete view of all your supplier activities, what they supply and their overall performance, by tracking and tracing their contributions to the delivery of your service to your customers.

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  • Changes

    Reduce change risk by managing, scheduling and communicating proposed future changes. By identifying business impacts and gaining approval within the change process, you're in control every step of the way.

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  • ITSM Service Levels

    Track Service Levels for end-users, assets or departments, and set base targets against priorities for the hours you work. Keep on top with alerts to your inbox when your targets are in danger of being breached.

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  • Problems

    Understand the impact of common problems that routinely affect your users and diagnose their underlying causes. Share workarounds to known issues and collaborate on long-term solutions.

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  • Incidents

    Gain visibility over your customer’s Incidents and don’t let issues fall into black holes. Speed up Incident classification, increase your first call resolution or escalate complex issues to resolver teams.

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  • Audit Management

    Reduce the complexity of your compliance processes, and ensure full traceability and visibility of your audit results. Build confidence in processes and demonstrate compliance.

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  • Time & Expenses

    Keep tabs on all time taken and expenses incurred in supporting, maintaining or implementing your IT strategy, and reduce the likelihood of hidden support costs.

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  • ITSM Gamification

    Engage, motivate and reward your Service Desk staff with gamification. Earn badges for great customer service, compete in challenges against peers and level-up to show everyone your support prowess.

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  • Reports

    Gain valuable insight with immediate access to operational information, and key performance metrics using SDI accredited performance reports. Or build your own and share commonly useful reports with others.

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  • Dashboards

    Securely highlight the important information the way you want it and gain quick access with a single click, using configurable dashboards and a library of gadgets that get you into the action fast.

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  • Training & Skills

    Sunrise ITSM streamlines the whole training request and approval process, and provides a complete picture of all delivered training and the skills acquired by staff.

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  • ITSM Self-Service

    Let your users can interact with your Service Desk using a simple browser-based, Self-Service portal. Users raise new Incidents or Requests, search for solutions, or monitor existing known errors, or service outages.

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  • Dynamic Searching

    Increase information sharing across your Service Desk, allowing automated retrieval of related information, using tagging of similar records and context-based dynamic searching.

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IT Asset Management

Sunrise IT Service Management is integrated with best-of-breed IT Asset Management software from Certero, managing your software assets throughout their life cycle – from purchase and installation, to maintenance and removal. Essential information for IT, Procurement, Financial and Asset Managers on the assets which the business owns and relies on.


Key features

Certero’s suite of complementary software applications maximises the return on your IT Assets and drives real efficiencies in cost and service provision, both upfront and ongoing.

  • IT Asset Management
  • Software Licence Compliance
  • AssetStudio IT Asset Management
  • Self-Service Password Reset
  • PC Power Management

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Building your perfect solution

Match your chosen Sunrise Service Desk with a specially tailored package of Sunrise services, including consultancy and training – tailored to meet the needs of your organisation.






Community Driven


Project Management


Tailored Training


Commercial Options

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Whether you’d rather opt for your own local installation in your own data centre, or subscribe to our cloud-based Service Desk, Sunrise have you covered. Simply fire up your favourite browser, access your secure Sunrise application, and you’re off.

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On-going support for your Service Desk is vital for those moments when you need assistance from those “in the know”. From telephone and email support, self-service portal, website, and downloads, to new releases of software, Sunrise support is always there for you.

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As a Sunrise customer you'll experience regular communication via email, have conversations with your peers on our LinkedIn group, and be invited to our annual user group meetings. Rest assured that you'll belong to a large community of satisfied users.

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Implementing your new software system might seem a bit daunting at first but, with our structured approach, we’re there from the initial design days to the moment you go live, to ensure your Service Desk delivers on your vision.

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Sunrise offers a range of training courses from the basics required by support agents and other users, through to day-to-day system administration, and full configuration, to enable you to get the most from your investment.

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‘On-premise’ or ‘Cloud’? ‘Capex’ or ‘Opex’? Perpetual licence, or subscription licence? Concurrent users or ‘named’ – or both? Whatever your requirements we won’t let the difficult stuff get in the way of doing business. Contact us and we'll find the right option for you.


Take a closer look…

As comfortable on a smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop, Sunrise IT Service Management embraces the latest browser technologies to bring you a distinctive look for your Service Desk.

Did you know… United Biscuits use Sunrise for IT Service Management!

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Because Sunries ITSM is simple and flexibel to use, we can now do everything very quickly, demonstrably boosting IT efficiency and significationly acclerating user response times.

Gary Devaney

IT Service Manger, United Biscuits

Whatever your IT support requirements, join other organisations in discovering what Sunrise IT Service Management can do for you. Contact Sunrise on +44 (0) 208 391 9000, use our online get in touch page, or email

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