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ITSM gamification

ITSM Gamification

Engage, motivate and reward your Service Desk staff with gamification. Earn badges for great customer service, compete in challenges against peers and level-up to show everyone your support prowess

1. What Does It Do?

  • Win badges to show off your agents’ support prowess
  • Gain experience as support agents go about their day-to-day role for positive contributions to support goals
  • Level up through customisable tiers of experience
  • Create challenges where Service Desk agents compete to be top of the leaderboard
  • Build long-term Quests for the more adventurous player

2. Key User Benefits

  • Motivated staff
  • Improve levels of sharing knowledge
  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Increased productivity
  • Reduced staff turnover

3. More Info

All businesses strive to do more with less, and staff productivity remains crucial to great service to your employees. But keeping your Service Desk staff fully motivated while continually dealing with employee issues can be near impossible. With Sunrise IT Service Management you can apply gamification techniques that reward and challenge your agents to provide great support at all times. You can drive and motivate your support staff in a more engaging manner by providing rewards for exceptional effort and challenges for agents to compete among themselves.

Challenge, motivate and reward Motivating staff and making them feel they are part of a larger objective drives up standards, improves collaboration and helps share knowledge.

Many workers start their careers in a Service Desk, Customer Support Desk or Call Centre. This makes these ideal places to harness modern concepts such as gamification. Improve your Service Desk by designing agent rewards and begin recognising effort where it’s due.

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