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Incident Management

Speed up Incident classification, increase your first call resolution or escalate complex issues to resolver teams with the help of Sunrise Incident Management.

1. What Does It Do?

  • Classify Incidents quickly and gain a full audited history of all customer support interactions
  • Increase first call resolution with detailed performance tracking of Service Level Agreement
  • Monitor supplier performance for the role they play in resolving escalated issues
  • Associate Incidents to Known Errors, Problems and Changes
  • Raise Incidents via multiple channels of communications including phone, email, Self-Service or even an external application using our REST API

2. Key User Benefits

  • A more efficient Service Desk with faster resolution times and happier end users
  • Lower overall costs of service delivery
  • Increased visibility across all Service Desk activities across Service Management disciplines
  • A more consistent approach to service delivery

3. More Info

Service Desks are inevitably busy places. With disruptions to services happening, customer requests for information, and other day-to-day activities, we know that sometimes issues can fall into black holes. Organisations need to closely manage the competing demands for Service Desk resources, and rise above the noise, to provide a comprehensive Incident Management process.

Sunrise IT Service Management (ITSM) features fast Incident classification and instant access to past Incidents, Known Errors and a library of knowledge articles in order to increase your first call resolution. With Sunrise ITSM it’s easy to escalate complex issues to individuals, resolver teams, or even suppliers, to identify the resolution you need to get your customer working again. What’s more, this needn’t be a manual process thanks to an integrated business rules engine that allows you to automate key processes, such as routing Incidents to appropriate resolver groups, based on classifications or key events.

With Sunrise IT Service Management (ITSM) you’ll get a flexible way of logging, tracking and resolving your Incidents. Prioritisation of Incidents becomes a breeze, with automatic service level tracking, escalations, and proactive notifications to support analysts via internal messages, texts, or customisable e-mails.

With Sunrise’s 100% browser-based interface, you’ll always have access to your Incident queues no matter where you are, what device you have with you, or what time you access it.

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