ITSM Problem Management

Sunrise IT Service Management has all the tools you need to manage the process of digging deep for the underlying causes of customer issues.


Effective Problem management sits at the heart of rooting out those underlying recurring issues that cause your customers to call. Left unchecked undiagnosed Problems have a significant and ongoing impact on your resources, availability of critical systems and services, and not to mention the reputation of IT.

Sunrise IT Service Management allows you to create new Problems from an Incident, or associate Incidents to existing Problems. By tracking details such as affected systems and information about potential workarounds, you can put important information in the hands of those who need it. You can even publish the problem details via self-service or via an announcement.

Problem Management

Fully integrated with Change Management processes, Problems can have Change Requests created for approval, or be associated to an existing Change record, providing full visibility from customer issue to the actual fix. Once the underlying issue has been resolved, and you close out the Problem, all associated Incidents are also marked as resolved, and populated with the fix details. Neat, tidy, smart working.

Improving the way in which you track and diagnose your Problems will increase visibility and transparency, improve knowledge sharing, and ensure more timely resolutions through effective Change Management. You can even reduce the likelihood of future issues by scheduling periodic checks on key infrastructure and services. Whatever your IT support needs, Sunrise has a solution for you.

Problem Management in a nutshell

  • Automatically search the Problem database for issues while investigating a customer’s issue
  • Track the underlying root cause for all Problems
  • Reduce the impact of Problems by publishing known errors and workarounds within the knowledge base
  • Raise Change Requests to remedy underlying structural Problems
  • Keep an eye on the financial impacts of problems and manage resource utilisation more effectively

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